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As a part of the college view From The Top Leadership series, distinguished speakers discuss their leadership style, personal vision, and strategic for success.

It is important to Strategize and have an Entrepreneurial Drive

Mr Manoj Shrivastava -COO (APAC) Homestead Development Corporation

While addressing the PGDM students at FIIB Delhi on 21st March, 2013, Mr Manoj Shrivastava, COO (APAC) Homestead Development Corporation advised management students of the college about how it is important to strategies and have an Entrepreneurial Drive while talking about his journey to the top of the ladder while reminiscing his college days.

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Business strategies are increasingly customer centric today

Mr Vinay Mittal, Chief Financial Strategist -HT Media

Business strategies are crucial to businesses as one goes across various businesses and the timeframe to keep these strategies abreast with the changing environment is becoming smaller, said Mr Mittal.

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Time to Reinvent Conventional Wisdom

Mr. William Bissell & MD -FabIndia

Albert Einstein once said – “Education is something that remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”.

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One Can’t Ignore the Rural Markets anymore

Mr. Pradeep Kashyap, President -Mart

Mr. Pradeep Kashyap, CEO and Founder, MART, also considered father of rural India, rendered an eye-opening talk on the power of rural India and its role in the growth of Indian Economy.

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The Top of One Mountain is the bottom of the next

Mr Shubhinder Singh, Managing Director -Reebok India

The achievement of one goal always signifies the setting of the tone for the achievement of the next, Mr Singh said.

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India will be the fastest or the second fastest growing nation

Mr Rajan Anandan, VP-Sales and Operations -Google India

For someone who was used to checking his voice mail ‘45 times’ a day, the phone on the desk and the voice mail has become redundant now, just as it has, for the rest of us, who are moving rapidly with the aid of technology today.

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Knowledge is the only way to transform the world

Mr Kiran Karnik, Former President -NASSCOM

While addressing over 150 FIIBians, Mr Kiran Karnik talked in detail about opportunities available for young PGDM students graduating out of the college.

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Opportunities are Limitless; Do Not Limit Yourself

Mr. Shailendra Jain, Regional Head -EMEA and APAC Barrie & Hibbert Ltd (A Moody’s Analytics Company)

Mr. Shailendra Jain, Regional Head - EMEA and APAC Barrie & Hibbert Ltd (A Moody’s Analytics Company) addressed the college students on 14th of February 2011 in a session in View From The Top Series of Talks.

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Making of a Global Enterprise

Mr. Yao Weimin -Huawei Technologies Addresses FIIBians

Mr. Weimin, who preferred to be addressed as Rajiv, enthusiastically discussed with the college students the inter dependencies between India and China.

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Journey of an Entreprenuer

Mr. Deep Kalra- Founder and CEO -Make My Trip

Mr. Kalra, an accomplished entrepreneur, walked the college audience through his journey along the unfamiliar and unexplored path.

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A Brush With Corporate Realities

Mr. Salil Kapoor - COO Dish TV India Ltd -enlightens the young managers

Mr. Salil Kapoor walked the young college graduates through the vagaries of corporate life. In an hour long talk with the B-school graduates, he highlighted the reality shock that MBA students might encounter if they do not take it upon themselves to actively assess reality.

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Transform Self, Businesses and the Country

Mr. Chetan Bhagat -Author and Business Leader

Mr. Chetan Bhagat, celebrated author, columnist and orator made an impactful presentation on the importance of believing in one’s dreams and their pursuit, despite threatening oddities that they might encounter.

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Go back to the Nature

Dr Syeda Syedain Hameed, Honourable Member, Planning Commission -Govt. of India

With her erudite background, Dr Syeda Syedain Hameed related to sustainable business practices as the absolute necessity of today.

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Is Sharing a Common World Possible?

Dr. Barin Ganguly, Lead Specialist -Asian Development Bank

Barin Ganguly’s talk at the college unearthed several issues that were long submerged in conflict ridden views. He reiterated that urban forests play a fundamentally important role in building ecological cities.

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Success is not a race; it’s a progress or your personal journey

Mr. Nitin Seth - India Country Head - Fidelity Investments

Life is a precious gift, try and leave some positive and lasting impact on anyone or anything. Entire world is your platform, said Mr. Seth.

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Be open, be resilient and be the change makers for the better future

Mr. Rajat Jain - Managing Director - Xerox India Limited

Welcome to a transition from the world of education to the world of business and also from the relatively protected environment of B-School to big battle world of reality, said Mr. Jain.

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Vinay Mittal
Chief FInancial Strategist, HT Media

Manoj Shrivastava
Chief Operating Officer, Homestead

Saurabh Mittal
Vice President, Fractal Analytics

Mehmood Khan
Ex-Global Innovation Leader,Unilever


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