Teaching Principles

FIIB Delhi, as an institution for higher education in management is committed to the quality of its programs and has put into place the means of assuring and demonstrating that quality. The rigorous course of PGDM at the college aims to ensure a high-quality learning experience through a commitment to excellence and innovation in learning and teaching, an up-to-date learning environment, a reflective and well-designed curriculum, which reflects the aspirations of the business school students and the needs of society, and support for teaching quality.

The PGDM curriculum of the college strikes balance between proven and contemporary techniques of design and delivery in a management program. The college reviews its curriculum periodically to incorporate the ever-changing needs of the industry and business, in consultation with the faculty, industry practitioners and its own alumni working in the industry. The review process and revisions in curriculum are done regularly after consultations and discussions with the industry advisory and academic advisory councils formulated by the college. Given their rich industry experience and linkages, the delivery of the specialized curriculum by the erudite faculty is unique and well rounded. The curriculum is delivered using the following principles:

  • Outcome-Based Learning: While designing courses and evaluation mechanisms, we start by identifying the learning objectives that management students of the college are expected to meet by the end of the course. These learning outcomes may be of knowledge acquisition or development of attitude/ability. They are clearly specified in the course outlines and linked to specific assessment criteria on which they get measured. This leads to complete transparency between the instructor and college students.

  • Application of Theoretical Concepts to Real-Life Situation: The overarching intent in design of the pedagogy is to introduce grads of the college to fundamental concepts and techniques in the classroom, to provide ample opportunities to apply this learning using simulated real-life situations, and then reinforce the same through additional discussions, feedback sessions, live corporate projects and interactions with practising industry leaders.

  • Academic Rigor: At FIIB, learning is non-stop, intense and dynamic; through a fast paced and stimulating process, PGDM students of the college are required to manage their own schedules between class, personal study and a variety of activities that happen on an everyday basis at the college campus.

  • Group Work and Presentations: With the objective to develop collective decision-making, group responsibilities and persuasive communication skills, graduates pursuing management are required to work in groups regularly and make presentations on assigned topics.

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making: At the college, the case study method, complemented by role plays, management games, etc., is used in all courses to help build the students' skill to effectively diagnose situation and recommend solution.

  • Continuous Evaluation and Feedback: Course evaluation is designed to assess learning amongst the college PGDM students and two-way timely feedback is given for improvements. The faculty and the college students work together as a team towards the overall improvement of both academic and non-academic affairs.

  • Integration of the Curriculum: College Faculty collaborates regularly with the industry to develop joint courses to help management grads understand the linkage between functional areas. This provides an avenue to observe impact of decisions on organization, people and society and deal with the repercussions of decision making in one area on the other.

  • Global Learning: Recognizing the need for our future leaders to operate in a global setting, the PGDM course of the college focuses on providing all our courses provide relevant multinational inputs that help learn the best practices in differing socio, legal, cultural environments.

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