Executive Development Programs

Executive Development Programs at FIIB are designed with a clear perspective - “Enhancing skills to drive growth in your organization.” As the market dynamics change in the blink of an eye, we understand how organizations today have to match pace, and one of the biggest ways to evolve your organization is to evolve the skills of your people.

Our Center for Executive Education closely analyses the tools, skills and perspectives that next-generation executives need to effectively drive organizational growth and help you accomplish strategic goals. Our range of Open and Customized Executive Development Programs are designed specifically to uncover critical leadership behaviour, influential mindsets and innovative problem solving that help your organization grow even at times of complex conditions or challenges.

Why to Choose Our Executive Development Programs?

Fusion-mdp1 Fusion of theory and practice for maximum takeaways
Dynamic-mdp2 Dynamic Learning Environment
Tailor-mdp3 Tailor-made structure to fit your needs
oncampus-mdp4 On-campus or off-campus training that suits you
Trainers-mdp5 Trainers with rich academic and industry experience

bsg-mdp1 LCM-mdp2 hrc-mdp3
Business Strategy & Governance (Negotiation) Leadership and Change Management Human Resource & Coaching
Harness proven business theories and strategic tools to elevate your business growth in fast-expanding markets. Transform highly experienced and knowledgeable managers into elective leaders who lead effectively during the period of change. Inspire right mindsets and engage influential behaviors to make your company thrive.

Additionally, if you have a specific business problem or challenge that you want us to address in a customized program for you, write to us on ceeinfo@fiib.edu.in


MS. Pratyusha Prattipati
Senior Manager, Executive Education
+91-80746 06364
pratyusha.prattipati@fiib.edu.in | ceeinfo@fiib.edu.in

Mr. Gaurav Jain
Manager - Continuing Relationships
+91-88106 02889
gaurav.jain@fiib.edu.in | alumni@fiib.edu.in




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