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Case study is an important pedagogical tool not only to facilitate classroom teaching, but also a research tool used widely in academia and industry. As Robert E Stake puts forth, ‘case study method is a form of social enquiry’. In this sense, case studies are like ‘lived experiences’ of people and organizations. FIIB too believes that case study method is an important tool for advancement of management research and practice. Taking this thought forward, FIIB conceived and launched the idea of Katastasi in 2013 as a unique initiative under its FIIB Case Research Centre (FCRC). Katastasi aims to inculcate case writing skills among management graduates as well as help in the pedagogy of Management through live examples.

Katástasi is a Greek word meaning ‘situation’. In the world of business, we come across situations that present us with a myriad variety of dilemmas, issues and problems. In fact, decision-making under various constraints and limitations is the prime challenge faced by a manager or entrepreneur. A description of any such critical business-related situations in the form of a gripping story is a ‘Management Case.’ Such cases, when used as a learning tool, bring out the personality of the student and build decision making and leadership skills.
Case writing provides a critical intellectual skill for a deeper understanding of the changing business environment. Generally, cases are written by faculty and not students! However, since ‘summer internship’, class or live projects are an integral part of an MBA curriculum, the students are exposed to practical experiences that provide for greater understanding of the issues/problems. Describing such experiences through case writing gives a leap to the analytical skills of the students as they are not only solving but also knitting a story by putting together the situations, issues and relevant information. Such an integrative experience goes a long way in augmenting the employability of the students.

Businesses employ unique solutions to solve their problems which is often recorded as a case study. While some situations are more complex and far-reaching than the others, all decisions are equally important for the businesses in the overall landscape. These case studies are often used as a good pedagogical tool to enhance learning methods in the classrooms. It stimulates the students to integrate classroom-learning into problem-solving and its practical application in real life situations.

Conference Objectives

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    Encourage and develop a culture of case writing and development.
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    Provide a platform to management students and academicians to develop and present quality management cases.

International Case Conference- Katastasi 2020

Over the years Katastasi has evolved into a much bigger platform – International Case Conference. To stimulate management students, researchers, practitioners and academicians to showcase their case writing and presentation skills, FIIB under the aegis of FIIB Case Research Centre (FCRC) organized the International Case Conference on 4th January 2020. The case competition event was open to students, research scholars, management professionals and academicians and attracted registrations from all over India and abroad. The Conference invited cases which highlighted a business problem showcasing a decision-making dilemma on part of the protagonist, which can contribute to teaching-learning in management courses or can be used by organizations. To know more details about Katastasi visit: https://katastasi.fiib.edu.in/
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