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FIIB values the impact of its actions towards its stakeholders - internal and external. It is evident in FIIB's initiatives built upon the pillars of sustainability, inclusivity and diversity.


SUSTAINABILITY IN MBA ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES- ‘Creating managers who are torch bearers of Sustainability

Credited amongst few management Institutes in India, FIIB Delhi has made conscious attempts to adopt Sustainability in its MBA / PGDM curriculum- across different functional areas, courses and also providing learning opportunities around Sustainability to its college students and faculty alike. A focused core course in the two year curriculum stands testimony to the efforts of the Institute. The course focusses on sustainable MBA and sensitizes management students to why sustainability has become an important agenda item for all responsible corporates and institutions, and how they are realizing their financial potential with a strong eye to environmental, social, and governance issues such as climate change, access to water, disclosure and transparency, and the impact business operations may have on local communities. The institute’s faculty has undertaken research in this area as well and within a short span of two years, they have completed 4 such studies and many more are in the pipeline.

SUSTAINBILITY IN ITS OPERATIONS- ‘Going beyond environmental laws to integrate Sustainability and Resource Conservation on college Campus

In its operations, FIIB has undertaken some key initiatives for a sustainable MBA. The Business school has stepped up its recycling efforts by focusing on solid waste management systems, paper recycling, e-waste collection and clothing drives. Being one of the few management institutes in India which focuses on importance of sustainability, the college has installed a Composting system for reusing food grade waste. In addition, the PGDM institute has also made arrangements for recycling used paper, and has undertaken strict measures to make the Institute a no plastic zone. In 2015, approximately 1800 kgs of paper was recycled, and since December 2014, approximately 100 kgs of food and garden waste has been put into the composting system at the college.

SUSTAINABILITY IN ENGAGEMENT WITH THE COMMUNITIES- ‘Collectively striving to reduce the environmental impact of activities

FIIB’s student led Jaagriti club, is dedicated to fulfill the goal of meaningful engagement activities with the community. Through the year, college students have organized blood donation camps at the college campus, e-waste drives, old clothes collections, Donate a Rupee Per Day and many other similar initiatives. As a result of their efforts, the institute was able to make meaningful contributions including collection of 120 units of blood in the last 6 months, 92 Kg of E-Waste, and 90 Kg of Old Clothes.

On the occasion of its 20th Founder’s Day celebrated on February 21 each year (which marks the birthday of the Founder), Ms. Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director, FIIB Delhi reiterates that "Our work is not done, but as you can see we have certainly made some telling strides in the direction. Our success in this area depends in large part on cooperation and commitment from our staff –both Teaching and Non-Teaching and to a large part on our students. I use this opportunity to remind all the college constituents of our pledge." 
Sustainability Report

Gender Charter

In a country like India, deep rooted stereotypes stemming from social, cultural and religious positions make achieving gender balance at work hard. This is further compounded in social enterprise/small business sector, where we have limited resources and every day of every employee matters.

As employers with the sole aim of increasing outcomes for our organizations, we often operate unconsciously on certain assumptions about people’s capabilities based on gender, especially their family responsibilities.

FIIB, a unique and progressive B-School in India, is mindfully fighting these prejudices. At our organization we are 20% women at the board level, 31% women in staff at various roles and grades, and 42% women in our student pool. Our aim is to be at 50% staff and student representation by 2020.

Creating role models, providing explicit opportunities for development, and maintaining full pay and flexi-time parity for all staff, are some ways in which we are #BalancingForBetter at our workplace.

We have realized just creating sops for the women staff creates imbalance, leading to discontent from the rest of the community. So, where we have women taking work-from-home and flexi-time options, we also have our male faculty members taking advantage of our reduced workload plans to support their family arrangements. This is creating an inclusive work culture, where each gender is genuinely appreciating the challenges for the other.

I strive to remove such biases each day with the hope that by the time my two daughters enter the workforce, we will not need #BalanceForBetter

─ Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director

As we begin the countdown to the International Women's day, dedicating this week to celebrating gender balance at FIIB. See some of the influential alumnae that have passed through our corridors. Here are 5 such strong-willed, women students at FIIB who are using their unique talents to make an impact beyond their own education.
Ambitious, Bold, and Compassionate. Women staff at FIIB are all that and much more. Watch this video that celebrates their versatality. On this International Women's day, at FIIB, the male gender committs to action. Hear from some of our students on what actions they plan to take to do their bit in creating a more gender-balanced world.
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