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The FIIB Advantage

Global Learning & Certifications - FIIB Delhi, is amongst the few MBA colleges in India to offer a unique MBA curriculum that provides an international business perspective across all functional majors like Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR etc.

Industry Relevant Curriculum - that focuses on the student's all-round development through innovative approaches such as unique seminar courses on contemporary topics, life-skills coaching and mentoring

Vibrant Student Community - Students at the institute are encouraged to explore beyond the classroom experiences by organizing frequent events which encourage participation from leading institutes and colleges of India. These events have now been frozen into the annual calendar.

Strong Recruiter Relationships - Career Management Center (CMC) of the college brings senior corporate and social leaders to the campus and creates regular opportunities for management students to engage with domain experts from the industry. This gives a practical aspect to their knowledge of management.


  • Ranked 9th in Delhi/NCR “Top B-School in India” in CSR GHRDC Ranking – 2019-20
  • Ranked 10th in Top B-School in Delhi by Business Today – 2019-20
  • Ranked 15th in North Zone “Top B-School in India” in BsinessWorld Ranking – 2019-20


  • Best Institute for Business Recruitment in Delhi NCR, Adfocus Media, Global Leadership Awards 2020
  • Educational Institutions for their substantial effort put on industry-based teaching and learning pedagogy, Federation for World Academics (FWA), 1st Industry Anchored Brands Award 2019
  • Best Education Institute that encourages leadership as a part of Curriculum, Dewang Mehta – Bschool Affaire, Dewang Mehta National Education Award – 2019

Network & Collaborations


Refining the leadership qualities of young leaders-managers

21st September 2020

Arvind Uppal, Chairman - Whirlpool India, will be Chief Guest at FIIB’s 24th Convocations on 18th April

12th March 2020

The D-Day is here! FIIB Unfolds the Finale of 9th Edition of its Mega B-Plan Competition, Meraki 2020

6th March 2020

Managing Risk in Indian Financial Services Sector - Know from Industry Experts

10th January 2020

2-Day IMC 2019 Starts a New Discourse in Management Research, Innovation and Technology

24th December 2019

Taste the AMRIT of Innovation in Management Practices and Education

14th December 2019

Redefining the Future of Work @HR Conclave 2019

29th October 2019

Update on the First Phase of Social Internship Programme (SIP)

21st October 2019

Unleashing the Extraordinary Potential To Make World A Better Place

19th October 2019

OPEX Conclave held at FIIB- Joining Dots of Operational Excellence in the Digital Era

13th August 2019

W-Talk at FIIB: Celebrating the womennovators with extraordinary visions

9th August 2019

Unleashing Marketing Management Lessons Through Alumni - FIIB Conducted Guest Session For Students

18th July 2019

Opening Doors To A Magical Journey - FIIB Organized Freshers’ Party For 2019-21 Batch

16th July 2019

FIIB Partners with Womennovator to Encourage Women Entrepreneurs’ Talent

15th July 2019

FIIB Conducted Management Development Programme For Banking Managers

12th July 2019

FIIB Conducted Industry Interaction Session on Career Enhancement Through Social Media

9th July 2019

Evaluating The 3 Months Corporate Internship - Students Face CIP Viva

5th July 2019

25th Mentoring Orientation at FIIB - Sowing Seeds of Everlasting Bonds

1st July 2019

Celebrating 5thInternational Yoga Day at FIIB

25th June 2019

25th Orientation Day - FIIB welcomes its Silver Jubilee Racer Batch in campus

10th June 2019

FIIB-Walton Acculturation Program 2019: Embracing cultures and learning new concepts

21st May 2019

Convocation Ceremony 2019 - FIIB Congratulated Its 23rd Batch of Graduates

29th April 2019

Finale of Meraki 2019 - A Testimony of Passion and Innovation of Young Entrepreneurs

24th March 2019

Dr. Nimit Representing FIIB at Education to Entrepreneurship Summit 2019

8th March 2019

Converting CIP to PPO- SANKALP 2 Employability Workshop at FIIB

6th March 2019

Gong Ceremony Feb 2019 - FIIB's way to reward victories of the month!

4th March 2019

FIIB Partners with International Conference in Project Management to Boost Research in Management education

26th Februrary 2019

25 Years and Counting - FIIB Racing Ahead

22nd Februrary 2019

9th Sustainability Summit at FIIB - Weaving Sustainable Practices Into Management Learning

22nd Februrary 2019

Hackathon Harnesses Confidence and Creativity in FIIB Students

14th Februrary 2019

FIIBs Infrastructure & Faculty recognized at Global Healthcare Excellence Awards, 2018

7th Februrary 2019

FIIB Students Debate Implications of Budget 2019

6th Februrary 2019

FIIB awarded as Best Educational Institute for Industry Interface by the Education post

12th January 2019

4th Edition of Signature 'International Management Conference' organised at FIIB

29th December 2018

Informative Management Development Program on Challenges for Future Leadership conducted at FIIB

29th December 2018

Controlling Air Pollution with ‘Care For Air’-FIIB Initiative

14th December 2018

Achieving Business Excellence through Big Data & Analytics

10th December 2018

Day-long blood donation drive conducted at FIIB

10th December 2018

Influential View From The Top Corporate session held at FIIB

3rd December 2018

Teamwork makes dream work- Ranbhoomi

3rd December 2018

Marketing Fair organized by FIIB, Understanding the consumer’s Insights

3rd December 2018

Career Fair organised at FIIB, paving the path towards success

3rd October 2018

Finance GYM - Learning Finance is Fun!

9th September 2018

First year students of FIIB visit Yamaha India Plant

5th September 2018

Exploring tech trends that affect HR - National HR conclave 2018

1st September 2018

The first chapter of TEDxFIIB unveils at FIIB scattering positive impulses

24th August 2018

View From The Top talks for academic year 2018-19 commence at FIIB

13th August 2018

International Symposium on Economic Development held at FIIB with the theme “Impact of Globalization and Policy Decisions”

05th August 2018

International Symposium announced at FIIB

18th July 2018

Freshers Party ‘Fresh N Up 2k18’: Talent extended to fun and entertainment

16th July 2018

Mentoring Orientation at FIIB:The foundation to an everlasting relationship

11 July 2018

FIIB proteges successfully return from the post graduate session at Burgundy School of Business

2nd July 2018

FIIB welcomes the 23rd batch with an exhilarating Orientation Program

9th June 2018

Convocation Ceremony of Batch 2018 at FIIB - An Evening of Pride and Joy

25th May 2018

TEDx at FIIB announced with theme - The Empowered 'self'

30th April 2018

Analytics Advisory Board Meeting held at FIIB – Industry Panel discusses on making the MBA Market Driven

10th April 2018

Developing Critical thinking through Research and Analysis - Final Year students face their GIS viva

9th April 2018

Excellence as an attitude - FIIB congratulates Prof. Deepak for his recent break-through in research

3rd April 2018

Another page added to FIIB legacy as the juniors bid farewell to 2016-18 batch

3rd April 2018

FIIB Students commence the stage one of their professional journey with Corporate Internship Program

3rd April 2018

FIIB to graduate students of 2018 batch - Convocation Speaker Announced

3rd April 2018

B-Involved program completes another year - Cultural Club awarded the Best Club

3rd April 2018

Samavesh 2018 - A harmony of talent and hardwork; stands true to its name

1st March 2018

Stepping into another year of success - 23rd Founders’ Day at FIIB

23rd February 2018

8th Sustainability Summit at FIIB - Setting the stage for a sustainable tomorrow

23rd February 2018

3rd International Management Conference Concluded

02nd January 2018

HR conclave successfully concluded

07th December 2017

Placement update - November 2017!

28th November 2017

FIIB awarded for Best academic Input in Business Analytics

28th November 2017

Placement at IndiGo airlines and Ceasefire Industries Pvt. Ltd.!

13th November 2017

Successful conclusion of OPEX 2017

28th October 2017

Final Placement at Lesso Group!

18th October 2017

FIIB announces the 3rd International Management Conference on 19th-20th December 2017

10th October 2017

A grand closure to Katastasi 2017 - A case study based competition

27th September 2017

Completion of Business Study Tour 2017

23rd September 2017

National Marketing Conference Successfully completed.

18th September 2017

International Guest Lecture Series - Dr. Mahesh Joshi

24th August 2017

Placement Readiness Programme undertaken by 2nd-year students

21st August 2017

Independence Day 2017

17th August 2017

Gong Ceremony- July 2017

31st July 2017

Industry Visit at Parle Biscuits Plant

22nd July 2017

FIIB awarded by IEN

22nd July 2017

CIP Evaluation Process Complete

6th July 2017

Book Exhibition at FIIB campus

3rd July 2017

Mentoring Orientation Day

30th June 2017

International Guest Lecture Series - Dr. Aneesh Zutshi

29th June 2017

International Yoga day organized at FIIB

21st June 2017

3rd International Yoga Day 2017

20th June 2017

Orientation program of 2017-2019 batch

12th June 2017

Dr. Amiya Mohapatra succesfully attends FDP at IIM indore

30th May 2017

Acculturation Program 2017

23rd May 2017

21st Annual Convocation successfully concluded

10th May 2017

Successful completion of the National Workshop on Advanced Research Techniques using Panel Data

29th April 2017

Faculty Development Program on Writing Research Papers Using Factor Analysis

17th April 2017

Alumni visit

13th April 2017

Student selection for FLP

7th April 2017

FIIB receives award for Excellence in Education - 2017 (CSR)

3rd April 2017

Special Session on Foreign Trade Policy

27th March 2017

Excellence Award - Dr. Nimit gupta

24th March 2017

FIIB participates as Academic Partner for International Management Conference at Uniglobe College, Nepal

20th March 2017

Farewell 2017

15th March 2017

New Student Club/Committee Co Heads Elected

15th March 2017

MDP on 'Developing Effective Managerial Skills' for ACBAR

8th March 2017

Placement Update March 2017

8th March 2017

Corporate Internship Program Update March 2017

8th March 2017

Successful Completion - 7th Sustainability Summit

22nd February 2017

3rd FIIB Leadership in Sustainability Award to Mr. William Bissell, Managing Director- #Fabindia

21st February 2017

Placement update - February 2017

2nd February 2017

Budget discussion

2nd February 2017

Faculty Focus

2nd February 2017

Successful Completion of Meraki 2017

28th January 2017

Guest lecture on Importance of Prospecting for Marketing

25th January 2017

Awarded for Excellence in Education 2017

24th January 2017

Guest Lecture Series Jan'17

23rd January 2017

Guest Lecture on Employbility Skills

19th January 2017

FIIB faculty Paper Presentation

16th January 2017

A fresh wave of placements in Jan'17

9th January 2017

IBM Business Analytics Lab setup at the FIIB campus

2nd January 2017

More achievements

29th December 2016

Placement with Kuehne Nagel

26th December 2016

International Management Conference, Dec’16

22nd December 2016

2nd International Management Conference Day 1

21st December 2016

Excellence Recognized

19th December 2016

Fresh Placements!

19th December 2016

e-Waste Collection Drive

12th December 2016

FIIB in News: Alumni Meet and Awards Night 2016

7th December 2016

Mr. Anuraag Batra, Chairman & Editor in Chief - BW Business world honored at the FIIB Alumni Meet and Awards Night 2016

6th December 2016

Case Clearance in Case Center

30th November 2016

Samavesh 2016 Completed

28th November 2016

A healthy competition- Guest Lecture

7th November 2016

Going Places With Placements

2nd November 2016

Gong Ceremony October 2016

27th October 2016

Live Projects

20th October 2016

Faculty Felicitation

18th October 2016

Placements 2016

17th October 2016

Campus Placements 2016

13th October 2016

Placement Perfect!

4th October 2016

Placement Season Kicks-off at FIIB

28th September 2016

Faculty Focus

27th September 2016

National Workshop on Qualitative Research Methods-24th Sep'16

24th September 2016

National Workshop on Qualitative Research Methods

22nd September 2016

Academic Partner with Sa-Dhan

19th September 2016

Success through collaboration

14th September 2016

HR Interact Meet- September 2016

12th September 2016

Guest Lecture: Journey of an Entrepreneur

9th September 2016

Gong Ceremony - September 2016

6th September 2016

Value Education to Value Creation

1st September 2016

Mentoring done right!

30th August 2016

FIIB receives the Education Excellence Award

24th August 2016

Guest Lecture ‘The Fundamental Concepts of Business Excellence’

19th August 2016

Learning from the experts

17th August 2016

Cheers Champions! Katastasi 2016

13th August 2016

FIIB Operational Excellence Conclave (OPEX 2016)

5th August 2016

FBR Online Latest Issue

5th August 2016

Industry Talk with Abhash Kumar, CEO and co-founder of HealthMir, India

4th August 2016

Success, Celebrations and Achievements!!!

4th August 2016

Case Study Published - ROAD AHEAD

4th August 2016

The Purpose is Profit

4th August 2016

FIIB’s Freshers’ Party 2016

30th July 2016

Dr. Mario Cortis on Entrepreneurship as a Career Option

30th July 2016

Annual International Microfinance Research Workshop

26th July 2016

Learning from the leaders

26th July 2016

From hand holding to leading others

25th July 2016

Industry Outreach Program: 18th to 20th July 2016 Nurturing and strengthening tomorrow’s leaders

22nd July 2016

Micro finance and mutual learning

20th July 2016

Industry Outreach Program July 2016

18th July 2016

When leader speaks

18th July 2016

When experience and expertise speak

18th July 2016

First Annual International Microfinance Research Workshop in New Delhi

15th & 16th July 2016

Industry Connect – Mr. Varun Jha, Director Marketing - Snapdeal

14th July 2016

Against all odds

5th July 2016


28th June 2016


26th June 2016

Live Zumba Session, 27th June 2016

27th June 2016

Alumni interaction, 25th June 2016

25th June 2016

Guest lecture

17th June 2016

Almuni Speak

16th June 2016

A rendezvous with future

13th June 2016

Delivered Key Note Speech in session of International Conference at PAHER University

6th June 2016

Case Publication at Case Centre

1st June 2016

FIIB-Walton College Acculturation Program 2016

24th May 2016

Acculturation Program 2016: Sam Walton Business School Student visit

19th May 2016

20th Convocation, May 2016

12th May 2016

Yet another achievement

04th May 2016

Excellence begets excellence

29th April 2016

Another milestone, another achievement

27th April 2016

Mentoring the Mentor - Faculty Development Program

22nd April 2016

Case Study Workshop

20th April 2016

Session conducted on Management at Amity University

15th April 2016

Acceptance of paper presentation

15th April 2016

Course Review by Industry Panel

09th April 2016

FIIB – 20th Convocation on 9th May, 2016

07th April 2016

Being praised often makes people feel good

15th March 2016

International Management Conference on ‘Business and Economy: Growth, Governance and Globalisation’

5th March 2016

Sustainability Summit 2016 @FIIB

27th February 2016

Recognized for Excellence in India for Implementation around Leadership, Governance and Policy

19th February 2016

FIIB-Meraki 2016 Fellowship winner team Gamezop raises $350,000 of funding from angel investors

18th February 2016

Permission marketing: antecedents, impact and future

18th February 2016

Interlinkages of FDI policy in retail with Make in India

16th February 2016

New paradigms in digital business, online business and etailing

16th February 2016

Saraswati Puja Celebration at FIIB

12th February 2016

Financial Modelling Using Excel

9th February 2016

Reverse Logistics- A Game Changer in E-Commerce Business

5th February 2016

Message Strategy of Email Marketers: A Content Analysis

4th February 2016

Introduction to Marketing- University of British Columbia

3rd February 2016

Honorary membership- by 3E Innovative Foundation

3rd February 2016

Viable Service Recovery Strategy Decision

2nd February 2016

Successful Conclusion of Meraki 2016

30th January 2016

Praise follows E-Waste Drive

27th January 2016

Meraki 2016 - Top 12 Teams (Finalists) announced

21st January 2016

Session on Self-Management

21st January 2016

Engaging in a Connected World

09th January 2016

Ranbhoomi 2016

08th January 2016

A Decision Support System for Manufacturing Industry Using Linear Programming

08th January 2016

Success, Celebrations and Achievements

7th January 2016

Empaneled as an Education Expert at Shiksha Mobile App

30th December 2015

Pioneering Contributions to Quantitative Marketing & Efficiency Assessment

30th December 2015

Foundation Course on Strategic Management

26th December 2015

MDP with Officials from the Ministry of Counter Narcotics Afghanistan

24th December till 28th December 2015

FIIB organized a one day seminar on Effective use of Business Simulations in Management Curriculum

23rd December, 2015

3rd Education Excellence Award-2015 by ASSOCHAM & The Education Post

22nd December, 2015

Workshop on Advanced Data Analysis through Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)

18th December, 2015

Financial Innovation in Indian Banking Sector

12th December, 2015

FIIB Alumni Western Chapter Meet, Mumbai

12th December, 2015

Students visited to Bisleri plant at Ghaziabad, UP

27th November and 18th December 2015

FIIB Jaagriti Club is on a week-long E-Waste Drive campaign at FIIB Campus, New Delhi

29th October 2015

FIIB 3rd Operational Conclave (OPEX 2015) on “Operational Excellence -Strategy for Sustainable Businesses”

17th October 2015

Brand Rovers Marketing Conclave- 2015: “Re-inventing Marketing for Connected Consumer"

19th September 2015

Smashing Evening with Rendezvous-2015 hosted by FIIB, New Delhi

11th September 2015

Katastasi 2015 – Student Internship based Case Writing competition at FIIB

5th September 2015

Gong Celebration on 31st August 2015

31st August 2015

HR Conclave 2015 on Creating Happy Organizations

22nd August 2015

Guest Lecture by Dr Kamal Singh, Director General, NHRDN

18th August 2015

Colors of Independence

14th August 2015

Guest Lecture by Mr. AK Munjal, VP- HR, Maruti Suzuki Ltd.

30th July 2015

Guest Lecture on Competency Mapping by Mr. Himanshu Arora, VP - IndiaHomes

28th July 2015

Industry Visit to Anmol Biscuits

25th July 2015

No Dream is Far Behind – Leadership is defying the odds!

09th July 2015

Orientation: Pre-Term Program for Batch 2015-17

8th June 2015 to 20th June 2015

FIIB-Walton College Acculturation Program Day 3 – Amazing Race

May 17, 2015

FIIB-Walton College Acculturation Program Day 2 – Case Challenge

May 16, 2015

FIIB-Walton College Acculturation Program – Welcome Evening

May 15, 2015

Bidding Adieu to Batch 2013-15

April 18, 2015

Closure Ceremony of FIIB Leadership Program for 2013-2015 Batch

April 04, 2015

Mind Matters!

April 02, 2015

Case Based Teaching – Imparting Realistic Skills in Students - A Session by Dr. Vikas Anand

March 25, 2015

FIIB SAMAVESH 2015 Inter-College Management-Cultural Fest

March 15, 2015

Panel Discussion on Union Budget 2015 with experts

March 04, 2015

FIIB Partners with Jain irrigation to Provide Experiential Learning for its Students

February 27, 2015

FIIB Sustainability Summit 2015 on From the Green Line to the Bottom Line: Creating Value through Sustainability

February 21, 2015

Sankalp 2015- Employability Fest at FIIB

February 11, 2015

Successful Conclusion of Meraki 2015

January 31, 2015

Saraswati Puja and Republic Day Celebration at FIIB

January 24, 2015

FIIB rings in success in Gong – O – Style

January 22, 2015

Much awaited Top 12 Teams for Meraki 2015 announced

January 21, 2015

Session on “Profile enhancement on Social Media- LinkedIn”

December 19 & 26, 2014

New Tradition at FIIB to recognize achievements of FIIB Community

December 24, 2014

Good Governance Day at FIIB

December 24, 2014

FIIB won Inter-college Marketing Quiz- Quiz-IQ

December 12, 2014

FIIB felicitated by ASSOCHAM and Education Post with Education Excellence Award 2014

December 08, 2014

Industry Visit to Mother Dairy

December 06, 2014

FSE Club organized “Finance Debate”

December 05, 2014

Operational Excellence Conclave (OPEX 2014) successfully concluded on campus

November 29, 2014

FIIB ran for Road Safety in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

November 23, 2014

Industrial Visit to National Stock Exchange (NSE)

November 20, 2014

Ad- Mad Activity by Brand Rovers- Marketing Club

November 19, 2014

Industrial Visit to Mochiko Adidas Factory

November 15, 2014

SIGMA Club conducted “E- Commerce Quiz”

November 12, 2014

4th Marketing Conclave concluded on FIIB Campus

November 01, 2014

Session on E-waste collection at FIIB

October 28, 2014

Industry Visit to Parle G

October 18, 2014

Grand Finale of Management Employability Fest- Sankalp concludes

October 18, 2014

Second day of Business Employability Fest- Sankalp concludes

October 17, 2014

Employability Fest for Students Concludes on Campus

October 16, 2014

Innovation in HR Series concluded on Campus

September 20, 2014

Industry Visit to Yakult

September 17, 2014

An insightful session on Digital Marketing with FIIB alumnus Mr. Rahul Puri

September 15, 2014

Instructive session on IFRS and its impact on financial market, with Mr. Eish Taneja

September 08, 2014

FIIB Alumnus – Mr. Ashish Agnihotri shows management students a way ahead

September 08, 2014

Industry preparedness session with FIIB Alumni

September 06, 2014

Finance Conclave successfully concluded on campus

September 01, 2014


August 28, 2014

Decoding myths of Operations and Logistics with FIIB Alumnus Afzal Alam (Class of 2012)

August 26, 2014

Unlocking the secrets of a successful life: An Informal Session with FIIB Alumnus

August 23, 2014

SIGMA Club conducted “Free Thinker Quiz”

August 21, 2014

Hoisting the National Flag on Campus

August 14, 2014

FIIB-ians at Shift Conference

August 09, 2014

Workshop on Organic Farming at FIIB Campus

July 27, 2014

FIIB Leadership Program 2014 kickstarts

July 21, 2014

Industry Interaction with Mr. Amit Srivastava

July 11, 2014

FIIB students' outing with Case study methods and Industry Interaction

July 3, 2014

Pre Term 2014: Day 1 Successfully Concluded

June 9, 2014

Pre Term 2014: Chat with 'Super' Seniors

June 7, 2014

Pre Term 2014: Inaugural Ceremony and Opening Address

June 7, 2014

Delegation from Sam Walton College, USA visits FIIB

May 19, 2014

Convocation 2014: Presenting the Leaders of Tomorrow

May 09, 2014

Leaving a Trail Behind: FIIB-ians Celebrate Earth Day

April 23, 2014

FIIBians bid Farewell to Batch 2012-2014

April 05, 2014

Students learn about CSR issues from Mr. Mohit Raj

March 31, 2014

FIIB Training Program: Campus to Corporate Transition

March 29, 2014

Students learn about International Marketing Environment from Mr. Mehrotra

march 26, 2014

FIIB reviews its Curriculum

March 25, 2014

FIIB Students learn about Operations Management in Projects with Mr. Kanungo

March 21, 2014

Sustainability Summit Concluded on Campus

February 21, 2014

Sankalp 2014: How to Seal the Deal

February 11, 2014

Top 10 Teams for Meraki announced

January 13, 2014

Guest Lecture about the relevance of Direct Marketing

January 06, 2014

Understanding logistics with Mr Ashish Negi

January 04, 2014

FIIB students learn about Logistics from Mr Partha Neog

January 04, 2014
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