The Centre for Service Innovation & Business Agility (CeSIBA) is an initiative of Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB), a top MBA Institute in Delhi, established to ideate, design and nurture innovation in services, often with a view to improve business agility in public, private as well as social sectors.

The competitive challenges for service firms demand for a deeper understanding of various aspects of service innovation:

  • New Service Concepts And Designs
  • New Service Delivery Processes
  • New Service Technologies
  • New Service Business Models
  • Service Entrepreneurship
  • New Service Growth Strategies

CeSIBA’s Vision

A Solution-Focused Effective, Efficient And Agile Service Sector Through Innovation

CeSIBA’s Mission

To Unlock Innovation in the Public, Private & Social Sectors and Create an Enabling Environment For Improved and Innovative Service Delivery

The focus is on the services which customers/citizens are entitled to receive, and not the organizations which deliver them. The role of CeSIBA is to act as an enabler, facilitator and champion for innovative ideas.

Key Focus:

  • The key focus of CeSIBA is leadership in service innovation. The Centre adopts a multidisciplinary perspective on the management of innovation.
  • The Centre creates an academic environment and knowledge network at the college that supports service innovation research.
  • CeSIBA develops new opportunities for college students to enhance their competencies in the process of analyzing, understanding and implementing service innovations in public, and private organizations.
  • Through research and executive education CeSIBA facilitates executives and managers in service organizations in their ambitions to become more effective in their innovation processes and create new valuable services for their stakeholders.


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