Sustainability Development Center


The Sustainability Development Centre (SDC), founded by FIIB Delhi, in 2011 aims to contribute towards sustainability development in India and the developing world. SDC seeks to achieve and promote a better understanding of the broad, interconnecting themes that extend across three of the most pressing issues on the international agenda. SDC is unique in its integration of diverse interests to develop creative, balanced, achievable solutions to the environmental, economic and social challenges facing the organizations and communities.

SDC of the college takes an innovative, integrated approach to sustainability – one that encompasses global change, development, peace and security. The Centre bridges these cross cutting issues through research, educational and collaborative initiatives with the aim of solving current problems and anticipating future challenges. We see the interconnected nature of the ‘sustainability challenge’ as central to SDC’s work – through its projects, interdisciplinary teaching, training and research – to better understand the connections between environment, economic prosperity and social justice.

Vision of SDC:

To Become a Globally Leading Expert Centre on Sustainability Development from a Management And Governance Perspective

Mission of SDC:

To Lead the Study and Practice of Sustainability Development in India and the Developing World Through Complementary Programs of Research, Continuing Education and Community Outreach

Aim of SDC:

The college SDC aims to contribute to sustainable economic development by conducting dedicated and sound research and translating the insights gained into joint projects with the private sector, public sector and civil society. This it aims to accomplish by:

  • Monitoring and mapping research relevant to the needs of India and the developing world. Specifically establishing a leading research and development function that (a) develops NCR and nearby region as a sustainable, low carbon economy through providing a focus for business development, innovation and research; (b) supports communities in the region and across north India in the development of plans and actions to enable a transition to low carbon, sustainable communities.
  • Fostering a network of organizations with an interest in sustainability development research.
  • Facilitating the flow of information and knowledge about current and planned research activities.
  • Identifying specific gaps in knowledge and assessing research opportunities.
  • Promoting sustainability development research activity by influencing funding agencies and research organizations.

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