Uniting Visionaries, Innovators, and Problem Solvers

The FIIB alumni community transcends networking; it's a lifelong connection with global professionals. Linked with visionary leaders, innovative entrepreneurs, and effective problem solvers, our alumni community stands strong—contributing significantly to our journey of excellence in management education. We take pride in the wealth of insights and experiences our alumni bring, creating a supportive environment that bridges past achievements with future inspirations. Join us in exploring diverse avenues to connect, pursue continuous business education, and foster professional development.

Embark on a journey with FIIB alumni—connecting, learning, and shaping success beyond boundaries. Together, let's celebrate our shared legacy and inspire a future.


Attend events, or host webinars. Elevate careers, mentor, recruit, share insights, and sponsor impactful events. And don’t miss about reunions


from the Alumni Chair

Fueling success and fostering connections, our alumni community embodies resilience and shared achievements, illuminating the path for future leaders. Together, we thrive.

- Dr. Purnima Rao, Alumni Chair

Advisory Board

The FIIB Alumni Advisory Board, established to foster engagement and connection, is a dynamic coalition of alumni leaders from diverse backgrounds worldwide. Initiated in [Year], this board plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of our global alumni community. Carefully curated from our dedicated pool of active alumni volunteers, each board member assumes a strategic role. They provide invaluable advice to the Alumni Relations team, ensuring a seamless connection between the alumni community and the institute. The FIIB Alumni Advisory Board stands as a testament to our commitment to sustained alumni involvement and collective success.


Maintaining our ties with our esteemed alumni community is a priority at FIIB. To further enhance these connections, we're exploring innovative ways for you to engage with your alma mater. Kindly take a moment to complete the provided form based on your preferences. Your participation is greatly valued.

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