Abhijit Das

Abhijit Das

Abhijit Das (Batch 2000)
Head (Marketing)- Delhi Duty Free Retail Ltd
With a little over a decade in the industry, you are already heading the marketing division at Delhi Duty Free shops. How did the learnings’ at FIIB help you go a long way?
Its been 12 years since I graduated from FIIB, and in my corporate journey I have worked in various functions like Business Development, Marcomm Management, Operations Management, SBU Handling, Facility Management etc. At each step some learning or other from FIIB has helped me. Like knowledge of Business Law helped me a lot during my tenure with Ansal Properties and Infrastructures, knowledge of Marketing Management; Economics and International Business classes helped me a lot during my tenure with Delhi Duty Free, Finance subjects helped me in almost all profiles, and making projects during my final year helped in developing my presentation skills for senior management. The absolutely “dedicated” professors (especially Prof. Panda, Prof. Subash Gupta, Prof. Mehta & Prof. Kumar); well-equipped libraries, great guidance of the then Dean Late Prof. Gandhi and Program Director Prof. Agrawal helped me value knowledge and practice, and set a “goal” in life. The amazing composition of my batch which had a mix of fresher's, experienced professional, kins from business families, also helped in developing my personality.

Apart from working, you’re also a successfully published author of two books on retail. Tell us more about it.
My first book was published by India's largest publisher –Taxman – and is called “Mall Management by Abhijit”. The book is credited as the 1st book on shopping mall management written in India and its 3rd edition will be published soon. My latest book is an E-Book on Retail Management (Indian Context) which gives an insight to modern retailing practices with special emphasis on complex aspects of retailing like merchandise management, strategic retail management, financial analysis, modern IT practices etc. I am now working on my new book on how the word ‘Team’ is the most misleading Management Term. I am excited about the same!

What factors encouraged you to document your learnings’ in the form of a book?
Not many books have been written on retail and mall management with India in mind. Also, most books have irrelevant texts, case studies, too much of theory and non-practical or very old examples. These circumstances motivated me to write a book which is simple, focuses on India but includes relevant international theories or leanings. I wanted to develop a book which is easy to understand for working professionals who want to be in retail or mall industry but do not have direct exposure to the same.

What personal traits and professional qualities have helped you move up the career ladder?
I strongly believe you are never old or intelligent enough to stop learning. Having a goal with scope for corrections is probably another strong trait. Professionally I feel that my ability to take risk, my decisions to innovate, and being aware of current issues really helped me.

What is the one thing you like the most about FIIB?
Balanced approach of teaching (Theory and Practical) and the faculty.
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