Swati Grover

Swati Grover

Swati Grover (Batch 2006)
Business Developer- IKEA
Please give us an insight in your life since FIIB.
I have had a wonderful life- both at work and at home after graduating from FIIB. I joined IKEA (Indian Trading office) one week before my convocation at FIIB. I started as a Supply Planner in the beginning but was very ambitious to work with bigger responsibilities. Hence, I developed my skills faster than usual to get promoted to work as a Purchaser for home textiles business segment (Business Developer as called in IKEA) in less than 2 years with IKEA. I was the youngest coworker in IKEA India office and the youngest Purchaser in global IKEA. This made me proud of my success, but also challenged me to prove my caliber and worth. I led a business segment worth 30 Million Euro along with a small team and delivered various successful global projects. I took pleasure in traveling for more than 50% of my time – national as well as international. I stayed in that role for almost 4 years before I decided to get married in April 2011 and moved out of the country with my husband for one year in September 2011. I stayed in Shanghai for 7 months and Boston for 5 months. During this period, I was working as a freelance consultant for a Canadian company called Dragon Asia. In September 2012, I decided to join IKEA again in their regional office in Shanghai as Business Area Specialist for Textiles and Carpets– Asia Pacific. I have been in this role for almost two months now and ready to deliver great results in my new role. I experienced different cultures and geographies in my life after FIIB– within India as well as outside. I have spent every moment making a conscious decision to learn something new. Living outside India has expended the opportunities to learn and speak different languages, especially Chinese. Now I can have grown as an individual as well as a professional after my life at FIIB.

You were a star performer at FIIB. How did you manage to cope up with the academics?
I would say that my sincerity towards studies paid back. Learning about different aspects of business is my passion and I was living my passion every day at FIIB. Sometimes there were limitations in terms of resources, time or support from team members but I made sure that I go one step forward to face all obstacles and yet meet the end goal of learning and growing every day.

After FIIB you did a brief course in law from Supreme Court. What encouraged this decision?
My work at IKEA included frequent acquaintances with a lot of legal issues related to international trade, and hence, I decided to study law. I enrolled myself in a part time PG Diploma in International Trade Law with ILI (Supreme Court's Law College). To work full time and also study part time, was a demanding period of time for me but surely assisted a lot in my understanding about the subject.

As an employee of IKEA you are now working in China. How did your family respond to the decision of moving out of India?
Well, I have been very lucky, as I have worked across India, traveled frequently while I was working, and have also worked in Shanghai and Boston. My family has always been very supportive about working away from home and have trusted all the decisions that I have made (and continue to make) in my life.

Your mother continues to work with FIIB. How would you define your relationship with your alma mater?
I would not say that I am an initiator for any events at FIIB, but I am always available for any contribution that I can make in the progress of my Institute. I gained a lot of knowledge at FIIB and ready to share my part of knowledge for any good cause.
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