Trailukya Dutta

Trailukya Dutta

Trailukya Dutta (Batch 2007)
Senior Marketing Manager- DS Group
Please walk us through your current role at DS Group.
I am deputed in the Mouth Fresheners Division as a Sr. Marketing Manager and responsible for Marketing & Management of the brand BABA ELAICHI & BABA Supari. Since the brand has an association with Tobacco related products, my biggest role in the mouth freshener category is to make people aware that our mouth fresheners are tobacco free. While doing so, I have to take care that no marketing activity affects the good will of the other products of the group. My role includes planning marketing activities, managing the product line and taking care of 360 degree product launch campaigns.

It's been a couple of years since you graduated from FIIB. Is there any one moment or day at FIIB that has been etched in your memory forever?
I cannot forget about “Ad Shades”, the Marketing Debate we had initiated under guidance of Prof. Freda J Swaminathan. The topic of the debate was “Portrayal of Women in Advertisement”. I was referring on the image of few known faces in Advertisements while raising my points. By mistake instead of saying Shahrukh Khan carries a Metrosexual Image, I said he carries a Multisexual Image. All the classmates along with Prof. Freda burst into laughter. I had no clue why they were laughing until I heard the voice of Prof. Freda from the back saying “Shahrukh Khan will commit suicide, if he knows it”. You can imagine how funny that was. I can't forget it.

Your batch mates consider you as their role model and star performer of the batch. What tips can you give to MBA students to excel in their academics?
I have learnt in the corporate sector that the entrepreneurial zest is required in all situations. MBA is a platform where we learn the basics of administering a business. I recommend fellow MBA students to excel in the basics of every subject as well as to polish their entrepreneurial skills. Those who wish to pursue a career in Marketing & Brand Management should first familiarize themselves with Sales & Distribution processes and understand the nuances of different market conditions as well as different product & service categories. They should understand that there are no shortcuts to produce original results. During the MBA days, students should prepare themselves for competitive scenarios.

You've been able to quickly climb the career ladder within 5 years of graduation and now working in a respectable position in Brand Management. What learning's and experiences at FIIB help you prepare for the same?
FIIB taught me the subject matter with a global perspective. During our studies, we worked on gaining knowledge of domestic markets through case studies of international brands in domestic markets while we also learnt a lot about international markets. the FIIB’s stimulating environment gave me a platform to polish my skills for a larger perspective under the guidance the best faculty members available at that time.

You have been visiting your alma mater as a part of the Alumni Governing Body. How does it feel? What is your vision for the Alumni of FIIB?
It is always a pleasure to be associated with FIIB. The brand of an MBA institute not only helps students to get recognized but also helps the Alumni in showcasing their portfolio. My dream is to reunite the Alumni spread across the globe in different projects. I believe with united & synergetic efforts we can facilitate a huge knowledge inflow for FIIB, which will further help the institution to attain its goals.
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