Yashi Shrivastava

Yashi Shrivastava

Yashi Shrivastava (Batch 2012)
Research Analyst- S&P Capital IQ
Please shed light on your current profile at Capital IQ?
Presently, I serve as a Research Associate at S & P Capital IQ. My primary job profile covers business entity maintenance and research using various searching techniques and skills. Also the profile encircles validation of current data.

Only a few months since graduation, you received your first promotion at work place. What traits do you attribute to this success? What role has FIIB played in the same?
Career path is always challenging and you face dilemmas from time to time. However, presence of a strong foundation guides you through. FIIB has helped me built this foundation. I have found mentors of my Life in FIIB. People I can always look up to in worst

You were at FIIB recently to interact with the incoming batch. How does it feel to return to the alma mater in a different position?
FIIB has always given me memories for lifetime and coming back to interact with the new batch was one such addition. It felt great to be on other side of the stage and to be felicitated by your own college and juniors was a proud moment for me. I know one thing for sure that I will never give up on a chance to come back to FIIB.

What were the most important qualities you imbibed while studying at FIIB?
FIIB infused in me great amount of confidence and self belief that I can achieve something in Life. As a person I was always reserved, introvert and hesitant but FIIB helped me come out of my shell and protected layer. It provided a platform to express and bloom. Today, I am more vocal about my opinions, interact freely with my colleagues and of course feel a lot of more extrovert and confident in my demeanor and outlook.

How did you feel when you were recognized as Star Performer of Batch 2012 at the FIIB Alumni Awards Night?
Receiving an award at the first ever Alumni Awards Night took me by surprise, because I was not expecting it at all. However, being appreciated by your own alma mater takes you to cloud nine. It was a feeling I can't describe or explain in some words. If getting an award wasn’t enough, being awarded by Prof. Abhijit Roy was starry and an icing on the cake. I am extremely thankful to FIIB, all my professors and friends for making the Alumni Awards Night a memorable one for me.
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