Yogendra Goyal

Yogendra Goyal (Batch 1997)
Corporate Senior VP & Head of Sales
WNS Global Services(North America)
How does it feel to be a part of the Founding Batch of FIIB?
The foundation has to be laid well and I am proud that all of us from the founding batch are doing quite well in our lives. I am proud and feel quite privileged when I am referred to as one of the first graduates from FIIB. Studying here gave us the perfect launch pad for giving a kick-start to our careers.

16 years into the industry, what has been your biggest learning? How did the learnings' at FIIB help you go a long way?
Learning is a never-ending process, so one needs to invest in self even after the school is over. Even after 16 years of graduation I have this insatiable appetite to learn. School teaches us A, B, C but life teaches us how to make different words and sentences and how to use them appropriately. I have also learnt that success is all about anticipating what's coming tomorrow and not only analyzing what happened yesterday. Unless you can have the foresight and prepare yourself to face tomorrow, you cannot survive. FIIB laid a good foundation for me by not only academically informing us about International Business, international laws and marketing, but also infused the confidence to go and work in the corporate sector. I can say I am privileged to have graduated from FIIB.

All these years, how have you kept in touch with your batch mates?
Since passing out from FIIB, I miss my batchmates and those amazing days a lot. I treasure the memory and cherish the fact that in those two wonderful years, we met great minds in the form of mentors and friends. While I miss those friendly meetings in the Campus cafeteria; social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have helped me keep in touch with several classmates.

Was your family happy with your decision to move out of India?
Actually, they didn't have a choice! It has been a decade since we left India and moved to United States of America (USA) for my job and I can surely say that my family is quite happy with my decision. I have two kids. My younger daughter was born here and my son was just two years old when we shifted to USA. With the upbringing here and a family in India, my kids enjoy easy access to not only the American but also the Indian culture and are truly shaping into global citizens. So, I would say, my family had no objection in our decision to live out of India.

What advice would you give to students at FIIB hoping to start a career in your field?
I was very fortunate to start my career in the field of global sourcing in 1999 when it was just beginning to get defined. I recommend that students shouldn't restrict themselves to export import houses, merchandising or foreign trade as these are just tips of the iceberg of International Business. Students of FIIB should broaden their choices by diving into BPO/ITO/ITES services industry, since India is beginning to emerge as servicing destination for the world similar to what China is to the manufacturing world.
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