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The Alumni Relations Office at the institute supports the Alumni Association, working on behalf of its Alumni Advisory Board, an all-volunteer body represented by select old graduates and institute members. The Association represents more than 2200+ former associates of FIIB and all graduates automatically become members and are entitled to the quality services and activities provided by the association.

Today FIIB Alumni Community is well spread across various verticals in many leading international and national communities. These successful MBAs of our networked and connected community contribute significantly towards the growth of the college and the members by supporting various endeavors at the college, with their industry expertise.

On behalf of the Alumni Association we hope you will join us in our activities; don't hesitate to let us know what you want from your Alumni Association. Your interests are important. Together, we will help ensure the excellence that is the source of our pride in Fortune Institute of International Business.


The mission of the FIIB Alumni Association is to create a lifelong community of old grads through increased opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to increase awareness, pride, participation, and volunteer involvement.


  1. Establish a strong and life-long relationship between old graduates and the college
  2. Promote interaction with and among scholars through professional, social and educational opportunities
  3. Provide alumni with rewarding opportunities to serve the college, its faculty, and its students
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We are in conversation with one
of our Alma mater and one of
the brightest star from the class
of 1998 Dr Navdeep Singh
Mehram, as he talks about his
journey, learning and long term
association with the Institute,
and of course sharing his
memories on a lighter note.

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Alumni Coordinator
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Mr. Imran Khan
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