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FIIB is always on the lookout for opportunities to strengthen its commitment to its motto 'Never Stop Learning'. Providing sources for continuous learning to those who were, are and will be associated with the institution is a promise that FIIB keeps in every format.

With its newest feather in the cap, FIIB is providing yet another opportunity to its Alumni to have access and enrol to over 3,800 courses and 400 specializations on Coursera sponsored by FIIB. The offer is on limited seats for a limited time.

There is no better time than this to upskill oneself and be a part of the troop of continuous learners who believe in touching new horizons of corporate success through career growth. Collecting new ideas, connecting with fresh concepts and cultivating new perception all at one is an opportunity that everyone must make the most of. Hence FIIB is looking forward to registrations with the intention to evoke Deja Vu of learning among those who were once and will forever remain a part of the institution.

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We are in conversation with one
of our Alma mater and one of
the brightest star from the class
of 1998 Dr Navdeep Singh
Mehram, as he talks about his
journey, learning and long term
association with the Institute,
and of course sharing his
memories on a lighter note.

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