Industry Preparedness

As a part of the Career Preparedness Program, Alumni join the B-school campus to guide and mentor our management graduates towards placements. The sessions are focused on revisiting course basics, refining knowledge, and fine tuning the managerial skills of the students.

Session on September 11, 2014

Speaker: FIIB Alumnus Mr. Ashish Agnihotri (Class of 2009)


Mr Ashish focused on helping MBA graduates of the college chart a career, plan goals and decide their future course of actions to help them prepare a career in Logistics and Operations.

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Session on September 6, 2014

Speaker: FIIB Alumni Mr. Yogesh Anand (Class of 2008) and Ms. Yashi Shrivatsava (Class of 2012)


Our former associate shared personal experiences to highlight how the learnings they gathered at the institute helped them chart a career in Capital IQ and gave management grads some tips to help them in their placements.

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Session on August 26, 2014

Speaker: FIIB Alumnus Mr. Afzal Alam (Class of 2012)


Mr Afzal elaborated on the challenges, opportunities and learnings operations field has to offer using his own personal experience and stories.

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We are in conversation with one
of our Alma mater and one of
the brightest star from the class
of 1998 Dr Navdeep Singh
Mehram, as he talks about his
journey, learning and long term
association with the Institute,
and of course sharing his
memories on a lighter note.

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