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Beyond the MBA: Why a Doctorate in Management Might Be Your Next Power Move

09,JUL 2024

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The need for exceptional leadership has never been greater in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter management styles, as today's organizations require individuals who can not only navigate complex challenges but also think critically, translate research into actionable insights, and drive innovation. This is where advanced studies in management, specifically a Doctorate in Management, can help.

Why Pursue a Doctorate in Management?

If you are a visionary leader trying to break away from the crowd and close the gap between theory and practice, a doctorate in your chosen field could be the missing piece you’ve been searching for. While Doctoral programs across disciplines are experiencing a surge in popularity, a ‘Doctorate in Management’ presents a unique proposition. FIIB doctoral program is  an internationally recognized program that equips you with expertise that transcends borders. It's not just about theoretical knowledge; it's about the powerful intersection of academic research, practical teaching experience, and real-world business application.

Simply put, this course provides you with the advanced knowledge and research skills necessary to become a true leader and innovator in your field. Here's a glimpse into the key benefits of a Doctorate in Management:

  • Sharpened Competitive Edge: A doctorate in management equips you with in-depth knowledge and honed research skills, setting you apart in the competitive job market.
  • Enhanced Critical Thinking: The program rigorously trains you to think critically, analyze complex situations, and develop innovative solutions – essential skills for effective leadership.
  • Expertise in Your Chosen Field: You'll have the opportunity to delve deep into a specific area of management and become a recognized authority in your chosen domain.
  • Bridging the Theory-Practice Gap: You will emerge as a "scholar-practitioner" who can seamlessly translate theoretical research into practical applications that drive organizational success.

The Rewards of Advanced Management Expertise

A Doctorate in Management opens doors to a multitude of rewarding career paths:

  • Academician: Shape future leaders and contribute to academia
  • Policy Analyst: Influence critical decisions on industry and economy
  • Management Consultant: Provide strategic guidance to organizations
  • CEO or Strategic Manager: Lead companies towards sustainable growth
  • Market Research Analyst: Offer data-driven insights for marketing decisions
  • Business Development Manager: Drive new initiatives and partnerships
  • Quantitative Analyst: Solve complex business problems with analytical skills

Who Should Consider a Doctorate in Management?

This program is ideal for individuals with ambition, intellectual curiosity, and a strong work ethic. Here are several compelling reasons to consider a Doctorate in Management:

For those aiming for high-paying management roles, a doctoral program can significantly enhance your earning potential and open doors to leadership roles with lucrative salaries.
Individuals driven by intellectual challenges and deep exploration: A doctoral program can benefit if you thrive in an intellectually stimulating environment and enjoy delving deep into complex issues.
Passionate researchers interested in management: Do you have a specific area of management that sparks your curiosity? A doctorate allows you to become a leading expert in that field.
Professionals aspiring for international careers: A doctoral in management is a globally recognized qualification that opens doors to exciting international career opportunities.

Choosing the Right Program and B-School: A Crucial Decision

Selecting the right program and B-school is paramount for a successful and fulfilling doctoral journey. Look for institutions with a strong reputation for academic excellence and a focus on real-world application. Consider factors like faculty expertise, program structure, research opportunities, and industry partnerships.

Eyeing a research career?

Take the first step in advancing your research career with a doctorate from Fortune Institute of International Business, FIIB, New Delhi. FIIB offers Doctorate in Management specifically designed for working professionals, managers, faculty, researchers, and entrepreneurs. At FIIB, students are not merely passive recipients of knowledge but active participants in a vibrant academic community where ideas are nurtured, challenged, and refined. 

➡️ A doctoral degree recognized by AICTE & EDAMBA
➡️ FPM || EFPM: Full-time & Part-Time Options
➡️ Vibrant workshops and Bootcamps
➡️ Rich Research Ecosystem
➡️ In house Scopus indexed journal - FIIB Business Review (FBR)
➡️ Impressive Scholarship Available for Full-Time Scholars

Through rigorous coursework, hands-on research, and mentorship from seasoned faculty members, students are empowered to push the boundaries of knowledge and make meaningful contributions to their chosen fields. FIIB’s doctoral program graduates emerge as versatile professionals equipped to tackle the challenges of the modern business landscape. 

Admission Requirements for Doctoral Program in Management

A Doctorate in management provides all the skills anyone needs to succeed in business. Given the increasing demand for leaders with exceptional skills, let's delve into the requirements for admission to doctoral programs in management at top management colleges in India.

Application requirements


Master’s Degree or equivalent in Engineering and Technology/Management/ Economics/Social Science/ Biological Science/Pure Science/ Commerce/ Humanities with at least 60 percent marks or equivalent grade points from an institution/ university recognised by AICTE.
Five-year integrated master’s degree in business administration, tourism management, business economics, commerce or allied domains related to business and management with at least 60% marks or an equivalent grade point from an institution/ university recognized by AICTE.
A graduate degree with professional qualifications like CA, CS and ICWA.
A bachelor’s degree in engineering or technology with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent grade point average. Those in the final year of their engineering degree may also apply.

Aptitude Exam

JRF/NET by UGC or CSIR* or CAT/MAT/GMAT/XAT/ATMA or Research Aptitude Test (RAT) conducted by FIIB
The application should consist of:

  • Application Form
  • An Updated CV
  • A 3000-word Research Proposal
  • A Motivation Letter
  • A Research Aptitude Test Score
  • Personal Interview

For more information on admissions and application procedures, please visit or contact [email protected].