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CBI is an interdisciplinary centre which is dedicated to the understanding of human behaviour in business. It focuses on developing an understanding of how individual and group behaviors impact organisations and decision making.

The objective of the center is to undertake knowledge creation in the field of human behaviour as it relates to interdisciplinary business issues.


The center aims to advance the scientific study of behaviour and its applications for business to solve “real-world” challenges using data insights. The center furthers the FIIB mission by promoting research focusing on behavioural dimensions of business problems and providing actionable insights to strengthen decision-making.

Promoting New Thinking and Applications into:

Consumer Behaviour and Branding

  • Brand Perception and Consumer Decision-Making
  • Brand Loyalty and Customer Retention
  • Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior
  • Consumer Behavior in Sustainable Brands
  • Luxury Brand Consumption
  • Neuroscience and Consumer Behavior

Digital Consumer Behavior

  • Social Media Influence
  • Mobile App Usage and Consumer Behavior
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) and consumer behaviour
  • Digital Payment Systems
  • Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior
  • Privacy Concerns on Digital Media.

Behavioral Finance

  • Herding Behavior in Financial Markets
  • Overconfidence and Investment Decisions
  • Loss Aversion and Risk Perception
  • Regret Aversion and Decision Reversals
  • Behavioral Biases in Portfolio Management
  • Behavioral Economics and Investment Advising

Behavioral Dynamics in Organizational Management and Human Resources

  • Ethical Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • Organizational Culture and Employee Engagement
  • Change Management and Employee Resistance
  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Dark side of human behavior
  • Team Dynamics and Collaboration

Center in news:

Brand Management Program


Dr. Kokil Jain, Dean-Research & Outreach, FIIB New Delhi

The Brand Management Program, led by Dr. Kokil Jain (Dean-Research & Outreach, FIIB New Delhi) from April 23 to May 14, 2022, offered participants a wealth of key takeaways. It covered brand management fundamentals, investing in brand building, understanding brand value creation, and distinguishing strong from weak brands. The program also focussed on brand identity development, design elements, and humanizing brands through personality. It emphasized sustainable brand differentiation and strategic brand positioning. Participants learned about brand extensions, portfolio management, and brand tracking to diagnose challenges. Furthermore, the program explored how emerging technologies reshape brand experiences. The Brand Management Program, with its comprehensive insights and practical knowledge, equipped the participants with essential branding knowledge, offering practical insights on brand performance and customer engagement.

Qualitative Methods in Marketing Research


Dr. Sakshi Kathuria, Assistant Professor, FIIB, New Delhi

The Qualitative Methods in Marketing Research workshop, conducted from July 2 to July 30, 2022, provided participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in qualitative analysis, utilizing software tools and industry-relevant insights. The program covered a range of key takeaways, including understanding qualitative research methods, software interface navigation, data organization, multimedia analysis, coding techniques (both inductive and deductive), pattern recognition, and presentation of qualitative analysis. Hands-on demonstrations using MAXQDA/NVIVO and open access software were incorporated throughout the sessions. Participants praised the interactive approach, use of real-world examples, and the valuable insights they gained, expressing enhanced preparedness for addressing marketing challenges.

EDP on HR Analytics


Prof. Snigdha Malhotra, Assistant Professor, FIIB, New Delhi & Prof. Shuchi Dixit, Assistant Professor, FIIB

FIIB's uniquely designed Executive Development Program on HR Analytics was conducted by Prof. Snigdha Malhotra & Prof. Shuchi Dikshit- Assistant Professor, FIIB, New Delhi on 3rd September, 2022. This program helped the participants to develop analytical skills which will enable them to replace intuition with clear-cut reasoning. The program was also designed to develop a strong understanding of data analytics followed by real-world application in HR.

Session on Power of Diverse Perspectives


Padma Shree Dr. Deepa Malik

FIIB had the honour of hosting Dr. Deepa Malik, a distinguished Paralympic athlete, recipient of the Arjuna Award, and a renowned athlete who has earned the Khel Ratna Award. Dr. Malik generously shared her extraordinary journey, shedding light on the profound importance of resilience, unwavering determination, and the pursuit of one's dreams during a special talk with our students. Her story showcased the incredible transformation of her disability into ability, Invited Talk ultimately leading to her global success. The students were not only enlightened by her journey but also deeply inspired to incorporate these valuable lessons into their own lives.

Faculty workshop on “Neurofeedback and its Utilization in Teaching and Research”


Shark Tank fame Neuphony Team

The Centre for Behavioural Insights invited the Shark Tank fame Neuphony Team for a faculty workshop on “Neurofeedback and its Utilization in Teaching and Research”- The workshop aimed at providing valuable insights into the neurofeedback mechanism and its applications in both teaching and research, encouraging the utilization of brain data in respective domains, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and eventually driving innovation.

“Finding Purpose: Discovering Passion and Meaning in My Journey” Power Talk


Organized by The Centre for Behavioral Insight

“Finding Purpose: Discovering Passion and Meaning in My Journey” Power Talk event, organized by The Centre for Behavioral Insights in TEDx style, was an awe-inspiring and transformative experience. Through a series of captivatingtalks, passionate speakers shared their personal stories of triumph, perseverance, and self-discovery. The event served as a platform for exploring the profound journey of finding purpose and igniting one's passion. From motivational anecdotes to thought-provoking insights, the talks left the audience inspired, empowered, and encouraged to embark on their paths of self- discovery.

Behavioral Insights Research Workshop


Organised by The Centre for Behavioral Insight

Fortune Institute of International Business organized an enriching two-day Behavioral Research Insights Workshop on 27th & 28th October 2023, an event dedicated to learning and discovery. The workshop was filled with intellectually stimulating sessions led by renowned academicians and practitioners such as 'Navigating Interdisciplinary Boundaries' by Mr. Bhushan Kumar , 'Decoding Semiotic Annotation' by Dr. Kokil Jain 'Cognitive Biases & Experimental Studies' presented by Junofy Anto Rozarina , MAXQDA Training led by Dr. Priya Vadiya , 'Translating Research into Practical Solutions' with Dr. Isha Sharma , captivating insights by Dr. Purnima Rao , 'Text Analysis' by Dr. Bhajneet Kaur , and an exceptionally insightful discussion on 'Experimental Studies in Behavioral Research' by Dr. Balaji.

Equipped with profound insights and new tools, the workshop provided captivating insights that kept everyone engaged and inspired, and prepared the participants to navigate the complexities of behavioral research, utilize semiotic analysis, and make a real-world impact. Furthermore, the workshop's emphasis on ethical considerations and fostering an intricate awareness of the moral dimensions in the study of human behavior promotes responsible research practices. This, in turn, contributes to the ethical advancement of behavioral research and its applications, benefiting Academicians, research scholars, practitioners and Early Career Researchers as a whole.

Upcoming Activities

Offshoring, Automation and the Legitimacy of Efficiency"
Research Talk by Dr. Stefano Puntoni

“Mastering Qualitative Data Generation: A Deep Dive into Effective Focus Group Discussions”

Center Chair

Dr. Tavleen Kaur

Dr. Tavleen Kaur

Dr. Sahiba Sahny

Dr. Sahiba Sahny