Mr. Deep Kalra

Mr. Deep Kalra - Founder and CEO -Make My Trip

A successful corporate career that started in the banking sector took a detour to revolutionize the travel industry in the country. Mr. Kalra, before giving the college audience deeper insights in the working of Make My Trip as an organization, shared his experiences as an entrepreneur. He emphasized on a latent entrepreneur in every individual. Drawing from his personal life experiences and those of the successful entrepreneurs including Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, he could build an absolutely convincing case for young minds to take a leap of faith and explore the untravelled.

Entrepreneurship, an expedition that starts with self-exploration, that is driven by heart yet is informed and calculated, an instinct that factors in practicality and feasibility, a strive that is characterized by resilience and pride; a stake immune to fear of failure but grounded in reality. Mr. Kalra urged the MBA students to fathom their deep rooted inclinations and to Carpe Diem (Latin phrase for seize the Day). In his discussion at the college about Make My Trip; he focused on the key values that the organization stands by and how these values have translated in a robust work culture that the company cherishes. Make My Trip today is one of the most desirable employers in the country. In an hour long session Mr. Kalra touched upon all aspects of building a business from nuances of people management, brand building, strategic thinking to fostering innovation to striking great deals. His insistence on quality in service provision, his earnest approach towards people management and acumen for analytics left the audience spell bound.

He summed up the often discussed and cited culture of Make My Trip by quoting Jeff Bezos of; “Work hard, have fun and Make History; any two out of these three is not an option”. Very few experiences entwine lessons with enchantment; this interaction definitely was one of those.


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