Mr. Nitin Seth

Mr. Nitin Seth - India Country Head - Fidelity Investments

Mr. Seth discussed the value of success in life and shared basic principles of success. He shared three major dimensions of success i.e. to make a difference in society we live, realizing your full potential and be happy. Based on his rich professional background he shared 7 success mantras with the MBA graduating batch of the college. First, follow your passions and do what you love. Second, persist in the search of excellence. Excellence is a fuel that sparks your passion and show you the way to true success. Third, be proactive and take responsibility; to be a leader one should show ownership towards work. Fourth, focus on giving than getting. In initial years of career one should not stress much on self-interest rather focus on what value addition one can add in others working with you. Fifth, build lasting relationships and nurture them for life long as it can help you in many multiple ways and at the end it’s an asset that you have in your life. Sixth, stay humble and grounded. He advised to be grounded which in turn helps in connecting with team easily. Lastly he advised management college graduates to maintain a balance between your goals and life. He urged to find interests, passions outside the work and pursue those with full joy. Management grads looked determined to follow these steps and achieve the true success.


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Chief FInancial Strategist, HT Media

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Chief Operating Officer, Homestead

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Ex-Global Innovation Leader,Unilever


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