Mr. Shailendra Jain

Mr. Shailendra Jain, Regional Head -EMEA and APAC Barrie & Hibbert Ltd (A Moody’s Analytics Company)

Mr. Jain walked the B-school graduates through his journey as a professional and weaved lessons in entrepreneurship in this narration. He, in the process, introduced the working of insurance industry to the audience saying that its potential in India is still to be realized and jobs and careers in this area can be anticipated.

He said Insurance companies bet on the future for hundreds of people and capital so generated by these companies is then invested in equities, bonds, property, derivatives etc. Unfortunately lacunae exist because these companies do not possess a very good knowledge of capital market. Barrie and Hibbert provides assistance right in this direction. He informed the college audience that the firm was an entrepreneurial venture and a very successful one. He shared that certain themes that contributed to its success were; spotting trends earlier than others, having conviction and vision to go ahead with the ideas, being at the right place at the right time and doing things which are tough and most people will not venture into. He also added that to sustain success an organization has to demonstrate consistency in performing what it is doing right and at the same time adapting to the new environment. 

Mr. Jain put across to the MBA students of the college certain contextual factors such as technology, globalization, growing urbanization in the country etc. He substantiated as to how these were both opportunities and challenges at the same time. He said it was important to leverage technology for competitive advantage and at the same time it was a challenge to prevent it from being a distraction. 

Mr. Jain elaborated on risk management and said that it entailed quantifying risk and being prepared to deal with it and he cited the example of Pepsi and how effective risk management resulted in enhanced reputation in the market. 

Throughout the talk he focused on the need on the part of young managers to continuously build their skills and expertise. He urged grads pursuing MBA to ask questions and continuously experiment with ideas. Somewhere in the beginning while taking management graduates of the B-school through his journey he emphasized that potential opportunities are limitless, one should never limit herself. The anecdotes and cases based on the firm Mr. Jain worked with were informing and could engage the college grads.


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