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Select FIIB graduates share their success story of getting recruited by organizations across the fields of Marketing, Finance, International Business, HR Management and Strategy.

Priti Behrani
Class of 2012 | Sr. Analyst- Learning & Development
Royal Bank of Scotland
What I took away from FIIB wasn’t any single textbook concept or a classroom lesson, but an analytical skill set and confidence in problem-solving. A direct result of the forward-focused program approach and a supportive learning environment, this confidence has made a profound impact on my career trajectory and helped me tackle business challenges adroitly and with ease.
Dipti Ranjan Das
Class of 2012 | Sr. Finance Analyst
Being actively involved in planning several large events at FIIB not only inculcated in me leadership qualities, but also taught me how to do efficient teamwork to achieve a shared vision. The personality development sessions also greatly helped me in my career because through them I learned about writing effective resumes and having proper professional conduct.
Poornima Malhan
Class of 2015 | Senior HR
The Corporate Internship Programme at FIIB is that one thing that truly and holistically prepared me for my career journey. By gaining an in-depth look into the intricate mechanisms and the everyday workings of the industry, I was able to better align my aspirations with hands-on experience. The CIP process also allowed me to improve my business communication skills, which made my entry into the corporate world that much smoother.
Ankita Mehta
Class of 2016 | Junior Associate
Moody's Analytics
My faculty mentors at FIIB played a huge role in nurturing and evolving my corporate identity. Through regular feedbacks and discrete engagement, they helped me define clear goals and direction for my career. It is under their guidance that I was able to develop novel arguments, out-of-the-box thinking and lateral reasoning that have proven to be differentiating factors time and again in my professional life.
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