Mr. Vinay Mittal

Mr Vinay Mittal, Chief Financial Strategist -HT Media

“Earlier, business plans held ground for two or three years but now, every two months, strategies and trends need to be updated. Strategies are becoming customer centric that you need to be aware of what the customer wants all the time, he explained, drawing from his experience. Referring to his stint with HT Media and the approach that they adopted to refurbish the newspaper, he said, “In 2004, when there was a change of guard at the promoter’s end, there was a proposal to change the business side of the newspaper, Hindustan Times but then, it was realized that to change the image of the HT brand was too tough. We were looking on its weaknesses, not its strengths – that it was a successful newspaper for over 70 years, with a legacy attached to it and people were even used to even the font. It was then considered appropriate to rejuvenate the brand, make the optics different, beef up the editorial piece and have something for the younger generation.”


Vinay Mittal
Chief FInancial Strategist, HT Media

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Chief Operating Officer, Homestead

Saurabh Mittal
Vice President, Fractal Analytics

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