Mr. William Bissell

Mr. William Bissell & MD -FabIndia

In an hour long thought provoking session Mr. William shared his insights and ingenious ideas on macro issues pertaining to eradication of poverty and preservation of environment. He brought to light revealing statistics indicating widening disparities; growing divide between the rich and the deprived, leading to pronounced fragmentation in society. He conceded that his journey was about reinventing the way business was done and developing a more inclusive structure in society. He stressed on the notion that conventional wisdom might not hold good all the time. He sensitized the college audience to a much more encompassing definition of poverty; a definition that extended much beyond the measure of poverty line to include inadequate access to nutrition, healthcare, education, legal services and sewage disposal. He passionately shared his ideas of targeted catalyst i.e. focused assistance to be provided to those who actually need and gradual withdrawal of this assistance once these individuals have sailed through the difficult situation. His concepts of vouchers; restricted currency to buy a specific service and incentivizing quality in provision of the basic services, were received with a lot of interest by the audience. Mr. Bissell brought to fore the fact that some of the most economically backward states in the country were richest in and reservoir of some of the most valuable natural resources. He set off the young minds pondering over the idea of these states trading their valuable natural resources such as water, forest cover, biodiversity and air with the economically robust states (which lack these natural resources) in return for cash. Thus, leveraging market forces to manage the disequilibrium.


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