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At FIIB we believe in pushing the frontiers of knowledge through a variety of mediums. The students benefit by developing deep insights on a broad spectrum of topics that are contemporary and relevant to business today.

As a part of the school’s mission we are especially mindful of our role in facilitating meaningful and important conversations that ‘advance the practice of management’ through conferences, featuring talks, seminars and panel discussions by renowned academicians, industry experts and thought leaders. The students benefit by developing deep insights on a broad spectrum of topics that are contemporary and relevant to business today.


Launched in 2015, FIIB’s Annual Research Conference is one of the most awaited events for the research and practitioner community alike. Every year, conference discussions and research papers are published in the form of proceedings and selected papers are also submitted to the reputed journals indexed with SCOPUS and Web of Science. The previous seven editions of the IMC conference were highly successful and delivered the objective of bringing together scholars, researchers, industry experts and talented students across various countries.

Highlights of FRC 2023:

  • Keynotes by Industry Veterans
  • Speed Dating with renowned Editors
  • 52 speakers from 38 different nations
  • Unique workshops
  • 3 Minutes Thesis Competition


In the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading,” the TEDx program helps communities, organizations, and individuals produce TED-style events at the local level. Ever since the year 2018, FIIB has been hosting a TEDx event in its journey to impart holistic and quality education. Through the TEDx platform, FIIB intends to ignite ideas which are not confined to classrooms but come from a diverse set of people in the form of identifying, curating, and presenting, ‘Ideas worth spreading’, ideas that create impact. 

TEDx at FIIB has seen four consecutive years centered on divergent themes around the central theme of creating a social conscience in an attempt to invoke the ordinary and create the zest to reach the extraordinary.

TEDx 1.0 Centered around the theme ‘The Empowered ‘Self’
TEDx 2.0
Focused on the theme of the ‘R3’: Relieve, Reboot, and Relive
TEDx 3.0 brought to light the theme of, “Taking off against the Wind”
TEDx 4.0 fostered the theme of, ‘Include All, Grow Tall’



Manthan is based on the premise that “Managing New threats and Anomalies” is of utmost importance. Management Conclave is an annual event at FIIB. This initiative has been taken to introduce upcoming management professionals to the new normal of society and to make them aware of how the globe is adapting to this change. This concept of ‘Manthan’ relates to UN SDG Goal 8 which states that “Sustained and inclusive economic growth can drive progress, create decent jobs for all and improve living standards”. Business graduates benefit from this activity as it provides them with the experience to interact with industry stalwarts and prepare them for the upcoming challenges of the industry. 

Marching in tune with the ideology of the event, MANTHAN 2022. With the theme, “Digital economy: A leveller or a source of economic inequality” examines the gamut of internal & external changes thrown ahead of businesses & entrepreneurs. The event unfolds as experts express their views on the same in an insightful discussion ranging across the far-reaching impact into the multi-dimensions of managing the business.



Meraki is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be.  People have the business acumen, but the lack of the right platform to shape their ideas into reality makes these ideas fizzle out. 

Meraki (Annual Business Plan Competition) aims to stimulate entrepreneurship among students. Teams are challenged to conceive a new service or product offering and then create a business plan and concept pitch video to convince potential investors to finance the business.

Each year, a jury of business professionals and academics selects the three best submissions to compete in the Final Round.

FIIB’s Academic View From The Top Speaker Series

As a part of our mission, we are especially mindful of our role in facilitating meaningful and important conversations that ‘advance the practice of management‘ through our various lecture series. These events, which are offered as pro bono, are attended by interested audiences from near and far (and in recent times by virtue of CoVID-19, folks from across geographies are joining us given the hybrid format of our offerings). The series is brought in partnership with Emerald Publishing (India) and covers a wide range of contemporary business topics including Social media, Artificial Intelligence, and Metaverse to name a few, featuring some of the most prominent researchers in management research speaking about their research.

So far these webinars have been conducted:

  • Dr. Jenna Drenten, Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business, Chicago, and Dr. Gillian Brooks, King’s Business School at King’s College London 
  • Prof. Dr. Balaji Makam Professor, Rennes School of Business, France.
  • Prof Jochen Wirtz Professor and Vice Dean MBA Programmes National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore
  • Prof Russel W. Belk, Professor of Marketing and Kraft Foods Canada Chair in Marketing, Schulich School of Business
  • Prof. Alan Ellstrand, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, College Curriculum Management, and AOL, Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas, USA,

Upcoming Webinars:

  • Prof Malcolm Higgs, Professor of Leadership and Strategy, Birmingham City Business School, UK 

Education Leader Conference

As a result of the current pandemic situation, higher education had to react swiftly and make daunting decisions on how to restructure the teaching and learning process, along with research and other activities. Consequently, the well-being and prospects of countless individuals as well as of entire societies are inextricably linked to how the academic community and its leaders responded to the Covid-19 crisis.

FIIB’s Educational Leaders Conference highlights best practices, shares ideas and provides personal development and networking opportunities to our vibrant professional staff community. The conference will provide an opportunity to share experiences of hybrid working, explore ways of dealing with the challenges, and make the best use of opportunities that this unique situation presents.

Responsibility Submmit

Having Sustainability as a core pillar of our culture and brand, we have adopted responsible management education practices since our inception and have been increasingly linking business education with social objectives. FIIB celebrates its Founder’s Day every year in the form of Sustainability Summit to honor the Institute’s founder Mr. RK Shrivastava. The Annual Sustainability Summit witnesses speakers from renowned organizations who reflect and debate upon initiatives that aim in creating profitable ventures through the route of sustainability. The aim of the Summit is to confer on topics leading to interactive business-level discussions generating insights into critical issues that affect society at large and eventually coming up with implementable solutions that may leave a better footprint for the future. On this day, our students showcase their work done during the Social Internship Program.

Under the SIP, students partner with various Social Sector Organisations (SSOs) to work on projects that align with the needs of the sponsoring organization. They undertake these projects in groups of 8-10 for 2 weeks. They are full-time mentored by a faculty member, and at the same time, they work with and report to a champion at the organization. The SIP is aimed at encouraging students to contribute beyond self-interest, understand challenges, assess readiness, develop competencies, and to work across differences to mobilize a diverse group of people.

Faculty Development Programme

Faculty development is essential for any higher education institution to create and emphasise learner-centred teaching as well as advance research. FIIB regularly organizes FDPs in the form of workshops and seminars to foster and promote practice-based research. Through FDPs, FIIB offers a  platform to empower faculty and facilitate growth by providing a variety of opportunities for training and the exchange of experiences in research. Some of the FDPs FIIB has organized are multivariate statistics, Introduction to R, Academic Ethics, Case Writing, etc. These workshops and seminars not only provide faculty with current knowledge on aspects of research like Research Methodology but also open gates for possible collaboration.