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Solve Your Messy Problems With Simple Solutions!

Design Thinking is a human-centred approach to innovation and problem solving using creative, systematic, and collaborative means. Design Thinking Webinar with FIIB will help you solve complex challenges involving cross-disciplinary teams and conflicting perspectives.

case one

Need/Problem: How might we improve data analytic reports to our senior management team on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis

Users: CEO, Deputy CEO and CFO

Insights: The increasing number of property projects, developed by our company, is leading to time-consuming in preparing report. Operational and finance team has its own format report. Frequently, the number and definition is not the same. What are really senior management needs and how do we come up with a useful dashboard for making better decision to generate more revenue and profit?

Need/Problem: How might we improve the engagement and attendance of students in external events?

Users: All students

Insights: The Institute offers a record high number of opportunities for students to interact with industry speakers and senior professionals. However, due to various reasons, these opportunities are not well-mined by the students. What could be the reasons for this lack of engagement and how do we come up with an effective model to maximize outcomes for students from these interactions.

case one
case one

Need/Problem: How do we provide a more well-defined approach to talent management and succession planning?

Users: All Co. Employees

Insights: This is important not only to maximize the value of our employees but for retention as well. Young professionals want to have the ability to visualize their future. They deserve this and we should be able to provide it.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Format

  • ⦿ Real-time synchronous learning on 2 days (Sep 4th and Sep 8th) delivered by our expert faculty with the same rigour and engagement as our on-campus programs
  • ⦿ Asynchronous learning support by way of readings, assignments provided for all days in between to increase the effectiveness and impact from the program
  • ⦿ Discussion forums/boards for meaningful interaction and maximized takeaways
  • ⦿ Designed for busy executives to apply, iterate, and innovate on the job
Why Design Thinking should be at the core of your strategy?

Ask interesting questions


Discover original ideas


Incorporate user-driven questions


Bring diverse perspectives to processes


Enhance customer experience


Drive innovation and collaboration

Glimpses from previous workshops


You don’t need to be a designer to attend this workshop. Design Thinking is a human-approach to problem-solving. It is highly relevant to all 21st-century managers to innovate and improve processes.

The workshop is not a passive lecture session, it is consciously designed to be a hands-on and two-way interaction between participants and professors by exposing them to everyday observations to generate curiosity and enquiry. Encouraging mindful participation and meaningful conversations with each one of you, the number is limited.

The approach to this workshop is inspired by the best practices of Design Thinking of the likes of Stanford and Ideo. The content of the workshop emerged from our faculty’s observation and insights from their rich and unique experiences. It is continuously evolved with newer perspectives from the workshops we conduct. Our faculty will share their captured observations and let you understand and apply in your own way, to your problems - what it means to be customer-centric.

The workshop is conducted frequently, please register for the next one before the seats are full. We strictly limit our intake of participants for an improved learning experience.

If you wish to register through your company or as an individual please mention that when our team calls you and they'll guide you through the process.

Yes, each participant will be provided with a certificate from FIIB on course completion.

who is

Who is it for?

Design Thinking is ideally suited for all employees who are looking for alternative and more effective way to solve their problems and wow their customers - internal and external.

  • Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Growth Manager, R&D Manager, and Product Head
  • Senior Designer, UX Designer, Design Engineer, Creative Manager, UX Design Consultant, Art Director
  • C-Suite executives including CEO, COO, Managing Director, Founder, President, Chief Strategy Officer, Innovation and Growth Consultants

To get the best of the program, pairs or groups of managers from the same organization should attend this programme together.

More than 150 organizations trained 3000+ employees with FIIB including some of the industry's best

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design thinking

Build a competitive edge with Design Thinking

Benefit for Individuals

  • Solve complex challenges through the process of structured design thinking
  • Drive better results by combining design thinking with analytical decision making
  • Establish a framework for building an environment that fosters creativity

Benefit for Organization

  • Develop an organization-wide, systematic, human-centric and results-oriented problem solving process
  • Bring in the catalyst for organizational change and evolution
  • Command customer loyalty by implementing a customer-centric process
Know your faculty
case one
Radhika Shrivastava:

Radhika Shrivastava is a business leader with a career spanning two decades in rallying teams around a shared purpose, creating strong collaborations, and encouraging stretch thinking with deep focus on action. A graduate from Tufts University with Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, and an MBA from IIM-Bangalore, she has worked in Deloitte and International Finance Corporation overseas before becoming a higher ed leader. She is a Harvard certified Design Thinking trainer and pursuing her Doctoral Education at the Henley Business School, UK, in the area of leveraging AI to improving employee engagement.

case one
Prashant Verma:

Professor Prashant Verma has 14 years of experience in Analytics, Research and Decision Science. He holds an MSc in Statistics and a PG Diploma in Computer Software. He is subject matter expert with various organizations including EY for business analytics, guiding their analytics processes and workforce training. Along with teaching MBA graduates, he is an awarded trainer for executive training in the area of Business Intelligence, Predictive Business Modeling, Advance Predictive Modelling, R-Programming, MS Excel-based Modeling using VBA and BI using Tableau and Power BI.

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