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Doctoral programmes at FIIB are guided by FIIB`'s philosophy of bringing practice and academia together and thus are enriched by a global set of academic advisors in the form of supervisors, mentors, faculty, and a curriculum advancing both theory and practice. We welcome you to explore how the Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) and the Executive Fellow Programme in Management (EFPM) at FIIB can be a rewarding opportunity for you!

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From Insights To Impact

Rigorous, discipline-based research is the hallmark of the FIIB Doctoral programme. The programme is committed to educating scholars who will lead in their fields of research in business management—those with outstanding intellectual skills who will carry forward productive research on the complex organizational, financial, and technological issues that characterize an increasingly competitive and challenging business world.

The cornerstone of the doctoral experience at FIIB is the rich research ecosystem, including international research conferences, vibrant workshops, dedicated research centres, and research apprenticeships that scholars undertake. By this means, and combined with their courses, students are prepared to excel as academicians, consultants, and education researchers.

Areas of

We offer five specialization options that cover the whole spectrum of business, as well as the entire curriculum at FIIB. You will also have the option of taking advanced courses related to your chosen field of specialization as a doctoral student. Working professionals can also choose to work on a topic (aligned with the areas of research below) specific to their line of business, making it an excellent addition to their career profile.












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Unique and Dedicated Support Structure

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Vibrant workshops and Bootcamps

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Dedicated Research-based Centres of Excellence

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In house Scopus indexed journal - FIIB Business Review (FBR)

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Publications and Editorials in ABDC A & A* Journals

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Value adding Personal Growth Module

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Work one-on-one with leading researchers

With our highly multidisciplinary research expertise that spans many areas of business and management and perspectives from around the globe, our faculty gives you access to the most extensive range of thinking in any field of business research. As leading scholars with an increasing number of publications in Scopus,ABDC A & A* Journals, they will act as mentors and guides for you during your doctoral studies, providing guidance and mentoring.


Explore multidisciplinary research

With FIIB's academic departments and research centres as well as its initiatives and research centres, you will have access to unmatched multidisciplinary opportunities with 24-hour access to both offline and online resources. Many of our students benefit from the rich interdisciplinary interaction by participating in research conferences that cross disciplinary boundaries.


Become a part of a global network

A key characteristic of FIIB is its breadth of business knowledge and how it is applied. In addition to its 30+ international research collaborations, its alumni network of 3300+, withits extensive industry connections, FIIB offers you a unique opportunity to translate your theory into real-world applications. You can expand your thinking, network, and impact as a scholar by basing your academic research on ideas relevant to real-world issues.


Become a Thought leader

In the FIIB doctoral programme, you will receive extensive training in cutting-edge research methodologies, prepare you to create and publish your original research so that you will be able to contribute to a global body of knowledge affecting the business world. Our scholars have been featured in renowned international journals, awarded the best paper awards at various conferences, and contributed to our Scopus, ABDC, and ABS-listed in-house journal, FBR.

A Dedicated Supervisory Team To Shape Your Research Journey

Your Supervisory Team consists of accomplished senior academicians with proven thought leadership in their areas, expertise in diverse research techniques and methodologies, and rich doctoral supervision experience.



Guiding your coursework progression by offering early-stage research and competency support.



From inception to thesis submission, an expert faculty member supervises your project.



Providing specialized insights and comprehensive guidance in close collaboration.


Subject Expert

Providing subject area strength and guidance, ensuring academic rigor and relevance.


Personal Development Coach

acilitates reflection and engagement by devising strategies to achieve your goals.

Scholars' Highlights



Sachin Kumar Raut

FPM Scholar

Area of Study: Cultural Intelligence 

Paper Title: The transversal of nostalgia from psychology to marketing: what does it portend for future research?

Co-Authors:Sudhir Rana, Sanjeev Prashar, Majdi Anwar Quttainah

Journal:International Journal of Organizational Analysis 



Shubhangi Verma

FPM Scholar

Area of Study: Emotional Finance 

Paper Title: Evolution and trends in entrepreneurial finance: reflections and insights from COVID-19

Co-Authors:Purnima Rao, Satish Kumar

Journal:Venture Capital

Publisher:Taylor & Francis


Sonjai Kumar

EFPM Scholar

Area of Study: Risk Management 

Paper Title: Failure of Strategic Risk Management in the Insurance Firm

Co-Authors:Purnima Rao

Journal:Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions

Publisher:Henry Stewart Publications

Awards & Presentations


Sachin Kumar Raut

Best Paper Award

Title: The Dark Side of Members' Heterogeneity within Online Brand Communities and Global Virtual

Teams: An Extension to Schwartz’s Value Theory

Co-Authors:I Alon, S Rana, S Kathuria

Conference:International Conference of Marketing on Consumer in Digital Era 2023, IIM Bodhgaya 


Snigdha Malhotra

Best Proposal

Bridging the Gap: Understanding the Workplace Challenges of People with Disabilities

Co-Authors:Shivangi Tiwary (Inclusive Divyangjan Entrepreneurship Association)

Conference:FRC 2023- Research Grant Competition, FIIB


Radhika Narula

Paper Presentation

Title: ESG investing & the firm

Performance A systematic & meta-analytical review

Co-Authors:Purnima Rao and Sandeep Rao

Conference:British Academy of Management (BAM) 2023 Conference, University of Sussex in Brighton, UK

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