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Dr. Sangeeta Chopra

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Associate Professor, HR, OB & Communication

Dr. Sangeeta Chopra

Dr. Sangeeta Chopra is an Associate Professor in the area of HR, OB & Communication, and has more than two decades of experience, largely in the Education Industry. She has exposure of working in Corporate HR, in the manufacturing setup, where she dealt with policies & procedures, and recruitment activity. She has been involved in teaching Behavioural sciences, Organisation Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Business Ethics and Communication Modules. Within the HR vertical, she has extensively taught electives such as Performance Management, Training & Development, Power & Politics etc. Her strong area is Compensation Management, which is the subject of her Ph.D. Thesis. She has published her work in leading national dailies – TOI, HT, written for professional bodies such as ICFAI and IJTD, for Management Conference publications, and for academic journals.

 She has conducted training sessions for executives of NTPC, EIL, LIC, AAI, GAIL, IRFC and also for IPS officers. She has handled responsibilities of the Dean of undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes, partnered with foreign universities like the University of Bradford. She has been the Editor of research journal ‘Management and Change’. She has worked in quality area, prepared institutional reports, such as SIP for the UNGC, for accreditations such as SAQS and EPAS, and is presently involved in AACSB and NBA Accreditation. She specializes in report writing, editing for Accreditation purposes, and has been significantly involved in ‘Internationalisation’ pursuit, during her tenure at private business schools. Also, she has been involved in writing for TED license, guiding, mentoring team members in preparing for the event.

She is a certified assessor from XLRI, and is interested in ‘Competency mapping’. She served as a special member of the Selection Committee for HR Faculty Position Selection at a private University, and served as an external examiner for a peer business school in the city. In her professional pursuit, she is interested in Behavioural Trainings, Assessment, and Counselling.

Teaching –

Dr. Sangeeta Chopra has taught a range of modules, from the area of HR, OB, Communication, and General Management. In particular, she has taught the following modules in her career as a teacher.Specific Modules include Managing People and Teams, Written Analysis and Communication Writing for Academic and Professional Purposes, Spoken Business Communication, and Behavioural Science Modules.
  • 01

    Corporate Social Responsibility (Workshop mode)

  • 02

    Organisation Structures

  • 03

    Student Self Development

  • 04

    Compensation Management

  • 05

    Ethics in Business and Society

  • 06

    Indian Culture Ethics

  • 07

    Managerial Skills

  • 08

    Human Resource Management

  • 09

    Human Resource Planning

  • 10

    Acquisition, Organisation Development

  • 11

    Change Management

  • 12

    Indian Culture Ethics

  • 13

    Management Communication

  • 14

    Power and Influence


Training sessions for IPS officers

IRFC officers & staff

Engineers India Limited (EIL) executives

Airport Authority of India (AAI) executives

Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) senior executives and NTPC executives

Afghan Delegation (members of Finance Ministry and from NGO)

Topics include Strategic HR, Time Management, Conflict Resolution, Interpersonal Relationship, Relationship management, Communication skills, Motivation, Written communication skills, and Behavioural training. Workshops for Chartered Accountants, Engineering students – on Group Discussion and Interview skills. The most recent training has been on ‘Performance Management and Capacity Building’ for IT professionals at Far Eye (Technology Solution company), Noida. At present, she is developing Training Proposals such as ‘Early Leadership Programme’. In her training experience she has dealt with middle to senior level executives, and conducted extensive feedback sessions. As a niche, she has been deeply involved in conducting Behavioural Training programmes, especially on ‘Time Management’ conducted through an instrument and a business game.

Publications / Conferences / Intellectual Contributions

Book Review published in South Asian Journal of Management (‘C’ rated) : Chopra, Sangeeta. “Assessment Centres for Talent Management - A Handbook for identifying and Assessing Competencies and Developing Potential” South Asian Journal of Management, vol. 26, no. 3, July – September 2019, pp.188 – 192.
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