Volume 6, Issue – 2 (2017)

Volume 6, Issue – 2 (2017)

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Retail Development and its Impact on Investor Confidence: An Empirical Study
Prof. Mahesh P & Prof. Premchand Babu P

An Analysis of Export Pattern and Competitiveness of India-China in Global and Bilateral Market
Dr. Mohd Azam Khan & Mr. Imran Ahmad


Turn Around and Transformation through Leadership: A Case of Maruti Suzuki India
Dr. Hitesh Shukla & Mr.Viral Chotai

Book Review

Quality Management: Theory and Practice
Ms. Bimaldeep Kaur

Website Review

Ms. Pradipta Ghosh Sen


Impact of Employee Engagement on Lean Manufacturing: An Empirical Study in Sri Lanka
Mr. N.W.M.R. Weerasooriya & Dr. A Chamaru De Alwis

Share Buyback and Announcement Effects: An Industry Wise Analysis
Ms. Monika Gupta

Impact of Demographics of Tax Payers’ on their Perception towards E-File Adoption
Dr. Sukhjeet Kaur Matharu, Prof. Sharda Haryani & Dr. Bharti Motwani

Building Anthropomorphic Brands: Big Success of Chhota Bheem
Dr. Swati Soni & Dr. Sheenu Jain

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