Finance Conclave

According to the Economic Survey 2013-14, India ranked 12th in terms of services GDP in 2012 among the world's top 15 countries in terms of GDP. Further, India had the second fastest growing services sector with its CAGR at 9.0 per cent, just below China's 10.9 per cent, during 2001 to 2012. Services constituted a major portion of India’s GDP with a 57 per cent share in GDP at factor cost (at current prices) in 2013-14. Despite deceleration, services GDP growth at 6.8 per cent was above the 4.7 per cent overall GDP growth in 2013-14. Within the services sector, the financing and insurance segment has contributed 5.9 percent share in 2012-13 while it has grown close to 12% in the same period. Two important financial industry sectors which have grown in the recent past and have gained prominence are Knowledge Process Outsourcing (known as KPO) and Wealth Management. Wealth Management is at an early stage of development in India offering products starting with stock-broking and advisory in the equities space, selling  mutual funds, as well as capital guaranteed structured products, real estate advisory to name a few. Knowledge Process Outsourcing calls for the application of specialized domain pertinent knowledge of a high level.

Finance Conclave 2014 focuses on two important themes of Financial Services: Trends and Opportunities

  • Opportunities in Wealth Management Industry
  • Evolving Trends in Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Key Takeaways from the Conference

  • Understanding of new offerings being delivered by wealth management companies
  • Challenges faced by wealth management industry and new opportunities available in the sector
  • Growth opportunities in KPO industry especially for mid and top level managers
  • How to overcome challenges faced by Indian KPO industry from other emerging Asian countries
  • A platform to network with industry leaders, experts and consultants

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