Marketing Analytics Conference

Today, Analytics penetrates fast in the boardroom discussions across the corporate in India. Unlike the intuitive decision of the past, most of the decisions today are taken based on analysis of facts and figures. According to State of the Indian CIO Survey, 40 percent of Indian IT leaders plan to implement big data analytics over the course of this year—while 16 percent say they are already in the process of implementing it. The implementation takes place across the sectors, from retail to media and from aviation to health care. Crunching the data becomes the soul of business. Data driven decision is the demand of the day.

Analytics play a crucial role in marketing for segmentation, targeting, brand positioning, measuring brand equity, new product development, measuring risk and return of investments on promotion and distribution. Thus arises the need for a repository of contemporary research and the dissemination of knowledge of analytics.

To understand this better, Fortune Institute of International Business Delhi, hosted its first Marketing Analytics Conference 2013 (MAC 2013) (also credited to be Delhi’s first Conference on Marketing Analytics). MAC aims to incorporate both the practitioner's and the academician's perspectives on marketing analytics.

Speakers from Homestead, Healthkart, Fractal Analytics, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Khozikhode, Nokia, Microsoft and many other leading organizations spoke at the conference. The Conference Keynote addresses highlighted the Impact of Big Data on Marketing Decisions. Separate panel discussions deliberated upon Customer Analytics and Marketing Database Analytics. The Conference took a wide angle view of the relevance of analytics in different areas of marketing as a practice today.

Key Takeaways

  • Techniques to apply Big Data Analytics to take marketing decisions
  • Insights into Customer Analytics and Marketing Database Analytics
  • Applications of analytics in taking marketing decisions