Dr. Amiya Kumar Mohapatra

Dr. Amiya Kumar Mohapatra

Educational Qualifications
Ph.D., M.A. (Economics), MBA (Finance)
M.A. (Public Admin.), M.Com. (Business Admin.)
UGC-NET (Economics, Public Admin. & Management
FDP-IIM Indore
Dr. Amiya Kumar Mohapatra is Associate Professor and Chairperson-IQAC at Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB), New Delhi. He has been engaged in teaching as well as research in the areas of Economics, Finance and Public Policy. His main research focus in recent years has been to explore economics from the policy perspectives. He has co-authored five reference books and published twenty-three edited books. He has published more than seventy research papers/articles in various indexed journals/magazines/books and also presented his research work at IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Indore, IIT Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi University to name a few.
He has experience in leading the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Process and works as Quality Consultant. He also serves as Guest Editor and Editorial Board Member of many reputed national and international journals. He has successfully organised and led more than 20 national and international conferences and seminars. Dr. Mohapatra received the ‘Star Performer Award’ for the year 2015-16 at FIIB for his all-round contribution. He also received ‘Research Shree Samman 2017’ conferred by NBMF, Jaipur for his contribution to research and publication.

Research Interests
Fiscal Policy, Public Policy, Rural Development, Sustainable Development, Financial Economics, Welfare Economics

Teaching Interests
Managerial Economics, International Finance, Business Environment, Business Strategy, Public Policy, Macro Economics, International Economics, Development Economics

Research Publications
  • Singh, A.K., Mohapatra, A.K., & Kalra, S. (2020). Behavior of Indian IPO Market: An Empirical Study. The Empirical Economics Letters, 19(2), 137-150.
  • Singh, A.K., Maurya, S., & Mohapatra, A.K. (2019). IPO Underpricing and Predictive Power of Board Related Corporate Governance Mechanisms: A Study of Indian IPO Market. Theoretical Economics Letters, 9, 2002-2018.
  • Jha, S., & Mohapatra, A.K. (2020). Role of Microfinancing in Poverty Alleviation in India. Nepalese Journal of Management, 7 (1), 1-6.
  • Mohapatra, A.K. (2019). Economic Survey 2018-19: Insights, Impacts & Inclusiveness. Kurukshetra, 67 (10), 35-41.
  • Jha, S., Mohapatra, A.K., & Lodha, S. (2019). Political Economy of Farm Loan Waivers in India. FIIB Business Review. 8 (2), 88-93.
  • Mohapatra, A.K., & Jha, S. (2019). Determinants of Reverse Internal Migration in India: A Behavioural Perspective. Indian Journal of Economics & Business, 18 (1), 383-398.
  • Singh, A., Mohapatra, A.K., & Shrivastav, R.K. (2019). Financial Integration among MINT Nations' Stock Market: An Empirical Study, International Journal of Economic Research, 16 (1), 243-253.
  • Jha, S., & Mohapatra, A.K. (2018). Leveraging Periodic Proportionate Farming in Bundelkhand for Augmented Livelihood: Case Study of a Progressive Farmer. Review of Management, 7 (1 & 2), pp. 5-8.
  • Mohapatra, A.K., & Jha, S. (2018). Bank Recapitalization in India: A Critique of Public Policy Concerns. FIIB Business Review, 7(1), pp. 10-15.
  • Mohapatra, A.K. (2017). Assessing Fiscal Prudence and Fiscal Sustainability in India. Pacific Business Review International, 9(9), pp. 118-121.
  • Mohapatra, A.K. (2016). Augmenting Social Infrastructure in Rural India. Kurukshetra. 65 (2), pp. 10-14.
  • Mohapatra, A.K. (2016). GST: Rejuvenating the Manufacturing Sector. Yojana, 60 (11), pp. 58-60.
  • Mohapatra, A.K. (2016). Fostering Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Inclusiveness. Kurukshetra, 64 (10), pp. 24-27.
  • Mohapatra, A.K. (2016). Role of MUDRA Bank in Financing Non-Corporate Small Business Sectors. Review of Management, 6 (1 & 2), pp. 21-26.
  • Mohapatra, A.K. (2016). Budget 2016-17: Empowering Bharat. Kurukshetra, 64 (6), pp. 5-8.
  • Mohapatra, A.K. (2016). Assessing Fiscal Prudence through Various Deficit Indicators. Yojana, Special Issue, pp. 66-69.
  • Mohapatra, A.K. (2015). Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) In India: An Initiative for Inclusiveness. International Journal of Technical Research and Applications, Special Issue, pp. 5-8.

  • Anand, A., Gupta, N., Mohapatra, A.K., & Khandelwal, K. (2018). BIRA 91: The Sparkling Indian Star - A Perfect Combination of Pricing, Positioning, And Quality. Case Centre. Reference no. 518-0100-1.

Books Published
  • Sinha, A.K., Mohapatra, A.K., Anand, A., Gupta, P., & Kumar, A., & (Eds). (2019). Advances in Management & Technology. Bloomsbury Publishing India Pvt. Ltd. ISBN. 978-93-89714-89-0
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