Dr. Asheesh Pandey

Dr. Asheesh Pandey

Educational Qualifications
PhD, (Department of Financial Studies)
M.B.A., Finance
Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Finance)

Dr. Asheesh Pandey is currently working as Area Chair and Professor-Finance and at Fortune Institute of International Business. He has work experience 17 years in the industry and in academics. His industry engagement includes working in domains like investment banking, equity research and operations. He has authored a book, edited 4 books and written over 40 refereed national and international papers, including 10 papers in ABDC listed journals. He regularly contributes to various seminars and conferences both at the national and international level. He is on the review board of many reputed national and international journals. He has chaired technical sessions in conferences and organized national and International conferences in the capacity of Conference Chair and has played an active role in internationalization and accreditation process

Dr. Pandey has conducted various workshops and FDPs on Econometrics and Advance Research in Finance. Dr. Pandey has held academic administration positions of Research Chairperson, Program Director and Editor of Peer Reviewed Journal in various institutes. He is on the board of City Innovates Pvt. Ltd. as Honorary Accreditation Mentor. Dr. Pandey has also travelled internationally, including U.S., Europe and Middle East for various corporate and academic assignments

Research Interests
Asset Pricing, Equity Valuation, Corporate Finance

Teaching Interests
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance, Equity Valuation, Financial Derivatives and Risk Management

ABDC Listed Publications
Sehgal.S. and Pandey.A, “Predicting Financial Crisis by Examining Risk-Return Relationship”, Technical Economics Letters,vol.8(1), 48-71, 2018 (ABDC: B)

Pandey A. and Sehgal,S., “Volatility Effect and the Role of Firm Quality Factor in Returns: Evidence from Indian Stock Market” IIMB Management Review, Vol. (2017) 29(1), 18–28 (Elsevier Publication, ABDC B, Scopus)

Pandey A., Singh M. and Mohapatra, A., “Behaviour Of Capital Structure: Evidence from Indian” Listed Companies accepted at Asian-African Journal of Economics and Econometrics, Vol.17 (1), 2017. (ABDC C)

Pandey A. and Mohapatra, A, “Validation of Fama French Model in Indian Capital Market” International Journal of Economic Research, Vo.14(2),17, (ABDC C)

Pandey A. and Sehgal, S., “Explaining Size effect for Indian Stock Market” Asia-Pacific Financial Market. 2016, 23:45–68 ( Springer, ABDC C)

Pandey. A. and Singh. M., “Capital Structure Determinants: A Literature Review”, at the African Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance” (Inderscience Publication, ABDC C), Vol. 4, No. 2, 2015

Sehgal.S. and Pandey.A., “Profitable Trading Strategies based on Price Multiple Information: Evidence from India”, Afro Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting an Inderscience Journal Vol 4(4), 2014, 408-425 (Inderscinece ABDC C)

Sehgal.S. and Pandey.A, “Equity Valuation using Price Multiples: Evidence from India” (International Refereed Journal) Asian Academy of Management Journal of Accounting & Finance, 2010, Vol.6, No. 1, 89-108. (ABDC C)

Sehgal.S. and Pandey.A, “Equity Valuation using Price Multiples: A Comparative study for BRICKS” in (refereed journal) Asian Journal of Finance and Accounts, 2010, Vol. 2, No. 1: E4 (Macrothink Institute, USA) (ABDC C) 4

Sehgal.S. and Pandey.A, “The behaviour of Price Multiples in India: 1990-2007”, (International Refereed Journal) ‘Asian Academy of Management Journal of Accounting & Finance’. AAMJAF, 2009, Vol. 5, No. 1, 31–65. (ABDC C)

Other Refereed Publications

Pandey and Singh, “Capital Structure Theories: A Review”, AGU International Journal of Management Studies and Research, 5, 2017

Pandey and Singh, “Mutual Fund Industry in India: An Overview”,. International Journal of Academic Research in Social Sciences and Humanities

Pandey and Roy, “Effect of Exchange Rates on Exports: A Case Study for India”, Case Centre, 116-0086-1.

Published an article,” Stock Selection: A Price Multiple Perspective” at Dalal Street Investment journal Magazine, Mar23-Apr5, 2015 Issue

Pandey, A., “Earnings Per share or Book Value: Superior Value Driver in Equity Valuations” at IIMS Journal of Management Science (IIM Shillong), Vol. 6, No. 1, January-April, 2015, pp- 1-8

Pandey, A., “SME Exchange: Panacea for SME Sector?”, Review of Professional Management, Vol 2 (2), 2014

Pandey.A., “Investments in Indian Sectors: Price Multiple Perspective”, Case Study: Vision, 2013, Vol.17, 169-173. (Sage Publication)

“Break Out Nations: In Pursuit of the Next Economic Miracles”, (Book Review) by Ruchir Sharma, Penguin, Allen Lane, ISBN:978-1-846-14556-8, 2012,Vision, 2013, 17 (1): 835-102. (Sage Publication)

Sehgal.S. and Pandey.A, “An Empirical Investigation between Net Stock Issues and Returns in India”, at Management & Labour Studies, Vol.38(4), 2013, 505-515 (Sage Publication)

Sehgal.S. and Pandey.A, “Strategic Allocation, Asset pricing and Prior Return Patterns: Evidence from Indian Commodity Market”, at Vision, Vol.16 (4), 2012, 273-281. (Sage Publication)

Pandey,A., “Cashflow is King: A Myth or Reality”, Asia Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation (APJMRI), 2012, Vol.8(4), 441-449. (Sage Publication)

Pandey.A., “Relative Valuation: A sectoral view of Indian Capital Market” at Management & labour Studies, Vol.37.NO.3, 2012. Sage Publication)

Pandey. A., “Price to Earnings versus Price to Sales: A comparative Study for Indian Capital Market” at Abhigyan, Vol. 1, 2012, 44-52

“The Global Economic Crisis through an Indian Looking Glass”, (Book Review) by Adarsh Kishore,Maichael Debabrata Patra and Partha Ray, ISBN: 978-81-321-0651-7,2011, Paradigm, 2012.(Sage Publication)

Pandey.A. a research paper,” Indian Mutual Fund Industry: Challenges and Road Ahead”, in Review of Professional Management, Vol.9, December 2011, 19-26

“Handbook of Equity Market Anomalies”, (Book Review) by Leonard Zacks, CEO Zacks Investment Research, 2011, at Asia Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation (APJMRI), Vol8 (4), 2012: 535-538. (Sage Publication)

Book and Book Chapter
Advances in Management, Edited Book, Bloomsbury Publication,2016

Innovation and Sustainable Development, Edited Book, Bloomsbury Publication, 2016

Singh,M. and Pandey,A., “Goods and Service Tax: A Panacia for India” published in the edited volume book Advances in Management, 2016

Singh,M. and Pandey,A., “Sustainable Development Prospects in Uttarakhand” published in the edited volume book Innovation and Sustainable Development, 2016

Contemporary Issues in Business and Economy, Edited Book, Regal Publication, 2016

Emerging Trends in Management and Public Policy, Edited Book, Regal Publication,2016

Singh,M. and Pandey,A., “Microfinance Institutions in Delhi: Challenges and Road Ahead” published in the edited volume book Contemporary Issues in Business and Economy, 2016

Capital Market and Financial System in India, New Century Publication, 2014

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