Research Articles

S.N. Name of Faculty Title of Paper Name of
Magazine /
Publication Year National / International
1 Dr. Sharad Chaturvedi Operational Efficiency in Manufacturing Process Using Design of Experiment International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarking Accepted International
2 Dr. Asheesh Pandey Volatility Effect and the Role of Firm Quality Factor in Returns: Evidence from Indian Stock Market IIMB Management Review: Elsevier Publication 2017 International
3 Dr. Amiya Kumar Mohapatra Augmenting Social Infrastructure in Rural India Kurukshetra 2016 National
4 Dr. Nimit Gupta Permission-based e-mail marketing in the Indian context: Factors affecting consumer consent Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing - Henry Stewart Publications,Vol. 4, Issue 2 2016 International
5 Prof. Monica Bhardwaj Understanding dynamics of mobile banking adoption by Youth: An Empirical evidence from India FIIB Business Review,Vol. 5, Issue 2 2016 National
6 Dr. Amiya Kumar Mohapatra Role of MUDRA Bank in Financing Non-Corporate Small Business Sectors Review of Management, Vol. 6, Issue - 1-2 2016 National
7 Prof. Nitin Sachdeva Multi-Criteria Intuitionistic Fuzzy Group Decision Analysis with TOPSIS method for Selecting Appropriate Cloud Solution to Manage Big Data Projects International Journal of Systems Assurance Engineering and Management, Vol. - 7, Issue 3 2016 International
8 Prof. Utkarsh Differences in Advertising Strategies of Service Marketers : a Content Analysis Services Marketing Quarterly, Vol. - 37, Issue - 2 2016 International
9 Prof. Nitin Sachdeva Optimization Problems for a Modular Software with Faults of Different Severity International Journal of Reliability, Quality and Safety Engineering, Vol. - 23, Issue - 3 2016 International
10 Prof. Nitin Sachdeva Selecting E-Commerce Platform for Retail Product Manufacturers Using Hybrid FAHP-Entropy Approach Amity Journal of Interdisciplinary Research 2016 International
11 Dr. Amiya Kumar Mohapatra Budget 2016-17: Empowering Bharat Kurukshetra - A Journal on Rural Development, Vol. - 64, Issue - 6 2016 National
12 Dr. Sharad Chaturvedi Low Power Design Of The Medical Device Among General Physicians And Specialists- A Study in Context to Indian Healthcare Scenario BEST: International Journal of Management, Information , Vol. - 4, Issue - 4 2016 International
13 Dr. Amiya Kumar Mohapatra Assessing Fiscal Prudence Through Various Deficit Indicatiors Yojna 2016 National
14 Prof. Ferojuddin M.A.Khan An analysis of relationship between spot and future prices of Silver in MCX: Applying Co-integrtaion and Causality Test Journal of Economic Policy and Research, Vol. 11, Issue 1 2016 National
15 Dr. Amiya Kumar Mohapatra Assessing Fiscal Prudence through Various Deficit Indicators Yojana-A Development Monthly, Vol. - 60, Budget Special 2016 National
16 Dr. Asheesh Pandey Explaining Size Effect for Indian Stock Market Asia-Pacific Financial Markets, Vol. - 23, Issue 1 2016 International
17 Prof. Monica Bhardwaj Assessing the Impact of Relationship Quality on Online Adoption International Journal of Business Information Systems Strategies, Vol. 5, Issue 1 2016 International
18 Prof. Monica Bhardwaj An Analysis of Antecedents of Mobile Banking adoption In India International Journal of Management, IT & Engineering, Vol. - 6, Issue - 2 2016 International
19 Prof. Nitin Sachdeva Optimal launch of a new generation of technology: a multi attribute approach discrete time diffusion process International Journal of Technology Marketing, Vol. - 11, Issue - 1 2016 International
20 Prof. Utkarsh Consumer Self Confidence and Subjective Product Knowledge Effect on Intention to Information Search and Dissemination 2015 ANZMAC Conference - Innovation and Growth Strategies in Marketing,- 2015 International
21 Prof. Nitin Sachdeva Modeling Critical Success Factors for Adoption of Big Data Analytics Project: An ISM-MICMAC Based Analysis Communications in dependability and quality management: An International Journal, Vol. - 18, Issue - 4 2015 International
22 Prof. Ferojuddin M.A.Khan An Empirical Study of Relationship between Spot Price and Future Price of Silver in MCX Indian Journal of Accounting, Vol. - 47, Issue - 2 2015 National
23 Prof. Monica Bhardwaj A Decision Support System for Manufacturing Industry Using Linear Programming Vidyaniketan Journal of Management and Research, Vol. 3, Issue 2 2015 National
24 Dr. Sharad Chaturvedi Internal Purchase Process: A Study for Setting Improvement Target International Journal of Procurement Management, Vol. - 8, Issue - 6 2015 International
25 Dr. Nimit Gupta Permission marketing: antecedents, impact and future International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies, Vol. - 6, Issue - 4 2015 International
26 Dr. Asheesh Pandey Capital Structure Determinants: A Literature Review African Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, Vol. 4, No. 2 2015 International
27 Prof. Utkarsh Information Search Behaviour of Service Consumers: Review and Future Directions The Marketing Review, Vol 15, Issue 2 2015 International
28 Dr. Nimit Gupta Indian Private Labels: Modifying Retailing Perspective International Journal of Applied Sciences and Management (IJASM), Vol. - 1, Issue - 1 2015 International
29 Dr. Amiya Kumar Mohapatra Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) In India: An Initiative for Inclusiveness International Journal of Technical Research and Applications, Special Issue 2015 International
30 Dr. Nimit Gupta Permission Marketing: An Analysis with Reference to Banking Promotional E-mails Indian Journal of Marketing, Vol. 45, Issue - 7 2015 International
31 Dr. Amiya Kumar Mohapatra Sanitation (Swachh Bharat Mission), Governance and Socio-economic Development in India European Scientific Journal, Special Issue 2015 International
32 Dr. Sadia Samar Ali An Empirical Approach to Customer Perception of Mobile Banking in Indian Scenario International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, Vol. - 9, Issue - 3 2015 International
33 Dr. Sharad Chaturvedi Exploratory Study of SERVPER Applicability in a Restaurant Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering, 2015 National
34 Dr. Sharad Chaturvedi Critical Success Factor of Implementation of Six Sigma in an Auto Ancillary Unit Pacific Business Review Internationl, Vol. - 7, No. - 10 2015 International
35 Dr. Asheesh Pandey Earnings Per share or Book Value: Superior Value Driver in Equity Valuations IIMS Journal of Management Science (IIM Shillong), Vol. - 6, No. - 1 2015 National
36 Prof. Vidya M. Iyer Industry’s role in employability Industrial and Commercial Training (Emerald), Vol.- 47, No. - 3 2015 International
37 Dr. Asheesh Pandey Stock Selection: A Price Multiple Perspective Street Investment Journal Magazine, Vol. - 3, Issue - 3 2015 National
38 Dr. Sharad Chaturvedi Kaizen - A Methodology to Boos Productivity in the Era of Make in India International Journal for Scientific Research & Development, Vol. - 3, Issue - 3 2015 International
39 Dr. Nimit Gupta A Study of Consumer Behaviour towards Permission based E-mail Marketing in Selected Indian Banks DIAS TECHNOLOGY REVIEW, Vol. - 11, Issue - 2 2015 International
40 Dr. Sadia Samar Ali Antecedents of innovation and contextual relationship International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, Vol. - 9, Issue - 1 2015 International
41 Dr. Asheesh Pandey SME Exchange: Panacea for SME Sector?”, Review of Professional Management, Vol 2 Issue-2 2014 National
42 Prof. Ferojuddin M.A.Khan An Empirical Study of Relationship between Spot Price and Future Price of Copper in MCX Amity Business Review, Vol. - 15, Issue - 2 2014 National
43 Dr. Deepankar Chakrabarti Knowledge Quality Assessment in Knowledge Management Systems International Journal of Knowledge Management and Practices, Vol. - 2, Issue - 2 2014 International
44 Dr. Asheesh Pandey Profitable trading strategies based on price multiple information: evidence from India Afro-Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting, Vol. - 4, Issue - 4 2014 International
45 Dr. Sadia Samar Ali Analysis of 3PL Sustainable Relationship Framework International Journal of Services and Operations Management, Vol. 17, Issue - 4 2014 International
46 Dr. Sadia Samar Ali Exploring dimensions of firm competencies and their impact on performance - Some exploratory empirical result Benchmarking: An International Journal, Vol. - 21, Issue - 6 2014 International
47 Dr. Sadia Samar Ali Mechanics of Humanitarian Supply Chain Agility and Resilience and its Empirical Validation International Journal of Services and Operations Management, Vol. - 17, Issue-4 2014 International
48 Pof. Jones Mathew S.A.I.L. - Distribution Strategy for Non-Urban Markets : A Case Study Management and Change, Vol. - 18, Issue - 2 2014 National
49 Dr. Sharad Chaturvedi Obamacare and its Impact on Medical Devices Industry The Public : Problems and Solutions, Vol. - 3, Issue - 3 2014 International
50 Dr. Sadia Samar Ali The mediating effect of Human Resource on Successful Total Quality Management implementation: An empirical study on SMEs in manufacturing sectors Benchmarking: An International Journal, Vol. - 22, Issue - 7 2014 International
51 Dr. Sharad Chaturvedi Cross Cultural Design of Medical Devices Atishay Kalit, Vol. - 3, Issue - 2014 International
52 Prof. Jones Mathew An Exploratory Study on The Need for Uniqueness Among Indian Adolescents International Journal of Research in Economics and Social Sciences, Vol. - 4, Issue - 8 2014 International
53 Prof. Jones Mathew Conceptual Construct of the Relationship Between Intrinsic Antecedents of Need for Uniqueness (NFU) and its Impact on Adolescents’ Consumer Decision Making Process Journal of Marketing and Communications, Vol. - 10, Issue No. - 1 2014 National
54 Prof. Ferojuddin M.A.Khan Relationship Between Spot & Future Prices of Silver and Copper in the Indian Commodity Market : A Literature Review FIIB Business Review, Vol. - 3, Issue - 2 2014 National
55 Dr. Sharad Chaturvedi Factors Influencing Preferences in Purchasing International Footwear Brand Global Journal of Enterprise Information System, Vol. - 7, Issue - 2 2014 National
56 Dr. Sadia Samar Ali A value-adding approach to reliability under preventive maintenance costs and its applications Optimization : A Journal of Mathematical Programming and Operations Research, Vol. - 62, Issue - 12 2014 International
57 Prof. Vidya M. Iyer Realigning Indian Management Education towrads developing employable management graduates AIMA Journal of Management & Research, Vol. - 8, Issue-2/4 2014 National
58 Dr. Sadia Samar Ali Identification of Flexible Manufacturing System Dimensions and Their Interrelationship Using Total Interpretive Structural Modelling and Fuzzy MICMAC Analysis Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management, Springer Publications, Vol. - 15, Issue-2 2014 International
59 Dr. K.B.C. Saxena E-Governance for Rural Poor : Issues & Challenges FIIB Business Review, Vol. - 2, Issue - 4 2013 National
60 Dr. Asheesh Pandey An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship Between Nets Stock Issue & Return in India Management and Labour Studies, Vol-38, Issue 4 2013 National
61 Dr. Sadia Samar Ali Service Quality Gap Approach: A case of Indian Customer’s Satisfaction on of Private Banks International Journal of Business Excellence, Vol. - 7, Issue - 4 2013 International
62 Prof. Vijayeta James Lall Application of Analytics to Help Telecom Companies Increase Revenue in Saturated Markets FIIB Business Review, Vol. - 2, Issue - 3 2013 National
63 Dr. Tuhin Chattopa -dhyay Auditing Communication Satisfaction Among Banking Professionals: An Approach to Managing Workplace Communication International Journal of Marketing and Business Communication, Vol. - 2, Issue-2 2013 International
64 Dr. Anupam Saxena Impact of Business Flexibility Capabilities on the Realisation of Firm’s Performance: Es Perspective International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering, Vol. - 2, Issue-3 2013 International
65 Dr. Sadia Samar Ali Green Purchasing is Key to Superior Performance: An Empirical Study International Journal of Procurement Management, Vol. - 6, Issue-2 2013 International
66 Dr. Sadia Samar Ali Inventory Management of Perishable Products: A Time Decay Linked Logistic Approach International Journal of Production Research, Vol. - 51, Issue 13 2013 International
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