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Prashant Verma

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Assistant Professor, Business Analytics

Prashant Verma

Educational Qualifications

M.Sc (Statistics),PGDCS


Prof. Prashant is having more than a 14 years of experience in Analytics, Research and Decision Science. He is an awarded trainer in the field of Business Analytics. He holds a Masters’ degree in Statistics and a PG Diploma in Computer Software. He has been associated with several Institutions of repute in the past before joining FIIB in 2017. 

Apart from teaching he is engaged consultancy and training of executive’s cohorts. He has also authored various research papers in refereed journals and has a book to his credit. His area of interest involves Predictive business analytics, advanced research techniques and analytical models in online consumer behaviour and finance.

Research Interests

Online Consumer Behaviour, Optimization and Analytical Modeling.

Teaching Interests

Analytics, Quantitative Technique, Decision Science, Project management, Total Quality Management

Courses Taught

Predictive Business Analytics, R-Programming, Decision Science, Quantitative Techniques, Operations Research

Professional Activity

  • Apart from teaching he is engaged consultancy and training of executive’s cohorts in the area of Business Analytics, Visualization and Research Consulting.

Papers Published

  • Sarkar, S. & Verma, P. (2016). Is Volatility Uniform Across the Stock Market? Evidences from Select Indices of NSE. NMIMS Management Review, Volume XXIX, 23-51.
  • Jain, S. & Verma, P. (2016). A Study of Factors Driving Indian Youth’s Intention to Purchase Online. NMIMS Management Review. Volume XXVIII, 49-72.
  • Verma, P., & Jain, S. (2015). Skills augmenting online shopping behavior: A study of need for cognition positive segment. Business Perspectives and Research, 3(2), 126-145.
  • Verma, P., & Jain, S. (2014). Fix Factor Structure of Online Shopping Skills in NFC Positive Segment Consumers. International Journal of Cyber Behavior, Psychology and Learning (IJCBPL), 4(3), 53-71.
  • April-June 2005. “An Analysis of Problems Faced by Private Professional Institutions of Western U.P.”, Indian Journal of Tech. Education, ISTE. Volume 28.No: 2.
  • July 2006. “Food Grain Production in India and its Significance in GDP”, JMDIT, Volume 4.
  • July 2007. “A Study of Mental Well Being and Academic Anxiety among School Children In Relation to their Emotional Intelligence”, MINDSCAPES-Global Perspectives on Psychology in Mental Health , NIMHANS: Bangalore.
  • Jan-March 2008. “A Study of General Role Stress among IT/ITeS Professional of India belonging to the Age Group of 22-28 Years”. Asia Pacific Business Review, Volume -IV(1).
  • May 2008. “Organisational Role Stress among Married Women in the Private Sector”, Management and Labour Studies, Volume 33(2), XLRI Jamshedpur.
  • Book Review: Bradley, Marketing Research, Tools and Techniques, Second Edition, Oxford University Press, 2014
  • Book Chapter: Occupational Stress and Well Being, chapter in Assessment and Selection of Personnel, Edited by Dr. S. Subramony and S B Raj, DRDO, New Delhi. Publisher: G-Bugs Technology, New Delhi.

Research In Progress/ Working Papers

  • “A study of factors affecting foreign exchange rate and its impact on India’s trade”
  • “Identification Of KSAO For The Aviators To Reduce Accident Rate”

Books Published

  • Verma, P. (2014). Labour Cost Administration in Major Industries. New Delhi: Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. ISBN: 978-93-5056-726-5

Papers Presented

  • Verma, P. & Dutta, S. (2018, December 27-28). Healthcare facility- Micro Level planning using MCDA approach. Paper presented at ICQRIT 2018, Association of Inventory Academicians and Practitioners, New Delhi
  • Verma, P. & Dutta, S. (2018, December 21-23). Optimal Location planning for healthcare facilities using MCDA approach. Paper presented at 1st International Conference of Association of Inventory Academicians and Practitioners(AIAP) on “Emerging Trends in Inventory, Supply Chain & Reliability Modeling”, University of Delhi, New Delhi
  • “Organization Culture and its Impact on Productivity of Teaching Staff”, 7th national conference of PLAI on emerging trends in teacher education – challenges and opportunities. 20-22 Sep. 2002
  • ‘Risk Management: An Application Perspective of Selected Companies’, 7th International Conference on Business Transitions: A Road Ahead, 21-23 Nov. 2005, New Delhi
  • ’Occupational Stress and Mental Well Being among Defence Personnel – An Indication for Further Study’, International conference on psychological assessment in personnel selection. Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR), DRDO, 23-25 Nov 2007, New Delhi: United Services Institute Of India.
  • ‘A Study of Mental Well Being and Academic Anxiety among School Children in Relation to their Emotional Intelligence’, presented at International Conference on Psychology in Mental Health, 26-28 July 2007, Bangalore: NIMHANS.
  • ‘Linking Emotional Intelligence to Enlightened Leadership’, International Conference on Expanding Horizons of Indian Business & Indian Management, February 2008, Indian Business Academy, Greater Noida.

Other Professional Engagements

Various projects in SMEs offering value through optimization. Few of them are listed below:

  • Assignment of Workers to machines and identification of training needs in Euro Railings. Euro railing is a company manufactures the railing parts. There are 10 manufacturing machines in their manufacturing plants and 12 workers are there to run those machines. The efficiencies of the staffs on the different machines are calculated based on their past performances.
  • Designing the staffing model of 2 shifts for ACL Wireless Ltd. Sector 127, NOIDA. The firm has 15 employees & their shifts are changed according to the working schedule & work plan. The project achieved efficient shift planning maximising the employee satisfaction by maintaining the work life balance needs of the employees
  • Minimising transportation cost for PC Impex Pvt. Ltd. A clothing company located in NOIDA. The transportation cost of the firm was studied for optimization.
  • Designing a tariff plan for their Road Media Advertising and Indoor Advertising for SRI ADS, Coimbatore. The firm provides services in Event Management, Ad films, Hoardings, Road Media Advertising and Indoor Advertising. The project aims to reduce the price of the service offered without compromising on the profit margin of the company.
  • Identification of operational locations for vendor offering Chinese food on wheels catering to knowledge park area in Greater Noida.
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