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Sudhir Rana, Chairperson (FPM)

I am pleased to share that Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB) has been serving the business community since 1995. In the journey of the last 25 years, FIIB has not only become a leading Management institute, but has also established itself as a landmark in experiential learning. FIIB alumni are delivering their services across the sectors and geographies. Following this history FIIB is introducing its three-year doctoral programme under Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) and Executive Fellow Programme in Management (EFPM) approved by AICTE. The Programmes are aimed to cater to the research aspirations of a diverse group of budding researchers, academics and working professionals who seek to advance their career by pursuing a terminal research degree.

As an avid researcher, I am glad to helm the FPM & EFPM at FIIB which is aiming to provide a blend of management research and practices to fellow scholars that shall enable them in advancing their careers. With specialization in various areas of management and a strong bent towards interdisciplinary research methods, scholars have a chance to engage with academicians, practitioners, and policy makers. FIIB faculty carry a combination of broad experience, publishing in high quality journals, personal insights and advanced management thinking into their classes and would be great mentors to the scholars. With a strong focus on knowledge creation, these programmes provide an excellent opportunity for the research minds to build upon independent thinking and collaborate with likeminded community stakeholders. International Management Conference (IMC) and FIIB Business Review (Sage Publications) are the landmarks of research culture in the institute. We invite upon candidates who have the commitment to undertake rigorous training to evolve themselves in the field of management research. I am looking forward excitedly to serve all the FPM & EFPM scholars at FIIB in sharpening their skills and achieving highest achievements on their path.

FIIB offers two doctoral programmes

Fellow Programme in Management (FPM)- The Programme is steeped in the research culture at FIIB and offers to the candidates a unique opportunity to sharpen their research acumen and foster teaching skills. With a strong focus on promoting a spirit of enquiry and interdisciplinary education in management research, the programme aims to build a community of strong academics, researchers and management leaders who can lead from the front. Read more here…

Executive Fellow Programme in Management (EFPM)- The programme has been designed keeping in mind the aspirations of working professionals and those academics who wish to add a doctorate degree to their qualifications by a research programme which will help them achieve excellence in their professional pursuits. Read more here…


Why should I pursue a research degree?
A Doctoral degree allows for greater mastery over a subject not just in terms of learning but also knowledge creation. There is a growing need for research skills everywhere. It's both about attitude and skill.

Should I go for FPM or PhD?
FPM and PhD are different only in terms of nomenclature, but not in rigour or the opportunity they present. While PhD is awarded by Universities, autonomous colleges offer FPM which is equivalent to PhD if the institute is recognized by AIU (FIIB is recognized by AIU). A doctorate degree is known worldwide by many names like FPM, DBA, etc.

Should I opt for a Full-time or part-time course?
Both full-time and part-time are equally rigorous, with their own sets of advantages and have their unique set of challenges. A full-time scholar unlike popular myth works as hard as part time scholars engaging in institutional activities. Whatever one chooses, there has to be consistency, commitment, calm, communication and creativity in the performance throughout the course of the programme. FIIB offers both full time (FPM) and part time (E-FPM).

Is there a stipend or scholarship available?
The Doctoral Programme at FIIB offers a stipend of Rs 25,000/month for the first two years and Rs 28,000 for the 3rd year to scholars who pursue a full-time FPM.

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