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Management Conclave Manthan

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The Management Conclave at FIIB aims to introduce the budding managers to the new normal in the business world and the society in general and to make them aware of how the management world is adapting to these changes. Notwithstanding the bleeding economies, the world has seen a positive effect on the overall use of resources and a noticeable improvement in the environment. This event aims to learn from the leaders in the forefront managing the shift in business and technology practices for a more sustainable future.

The conclave will focus on bringing out the major shifts that have emerged in the current business value chains and the operating systems in the industry and how companies are adapting to these changes, especially in their efforts towards achieving growth in the context of a sustainable environment. The conclave will not only enlighten the professionals and the students alike about the current scenarios but will also make them aware about the future changes and the kind of adaptability and infrastructure the companies will require. The Conclave will include Industry specialists from different domains to give a holistic approach to the budding managers and professionals.

1st Management Conclave – 2020

FIIB is going to conduct its first-ever virtual Management Conclave “MANTHAN” on 28th November 2020 on the theme “In the New World – Gaining on Efficiency and Sustainability Lessons Learned from Covid-19”.

Adapting to the new normal, the conclave will be conducted in the virtual mode where all, irrespective of the geographical barriers, will be able to come together to celebrate sharing of knowledge and sustainable learning, and build some ever-lasting relationships. FIIB has always strived to give back to the society in terms of knowledge sharing by arranging domain specific conclaves  but this conclave aims at providing a holistic view of how the ‘new normal’ has impacted different areas in management.

Conclave Objectives

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    Getting insights on how the corporate world is adapting to the new normal transitions.
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    Learning about how to manage the shift in practices for a sustainable future.
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    Getting to know how businesses across industries overcome and sustain themselves during the unprecedented situations like a global crisis.

Conclave Highlights

The conclave will by a daylong event with a panel discussion by the senior practitioners from the industry, followed by a Business Simulation workshop and challenge

A. Panel Discussions by Industry Experts on ‘Efficiency and Sustainability lessons learnt from Covid-19’

Panel discuss the challenges, whether new workarounds offer any efficiency lessons to look forward to.

B. Business Simulation Workshop

to give students a hands-on experience in scenario based learning which will help them think strategically and rationally. The simulation workshop will be conducted a day before the conclave, i.e. 27th November 2020. The simulation challenge will be team competition where students will need to register themselves for the challenge in teams of 3. The fee for the registration is $7 per participants registering from outside India, or INR 500 for per participants for Indian participants. Only the registered teams will be allowed to compete in the simulated environment on 28th November 2020.

Keynote Speakers

Mr. Saurabh Kochhar

Founder & CEO, Meddo Health and Ex-Co-founder& CEO Food Panda

Venky Venkatesh

Ex-CEO, Press Trust of India

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