FIIB Scholarships-Wings to Your MBA

FIIB's Scholarship Program offers Unique Scholarships to help PGDM aspirants who have demonstrated their aptitude for a career in business management to pursue and realize their dreams.

Scholarships upto Rs 1,70,000 per student are awarded to deserving students decided on the basis of

  • Past Academic Performance (Graduation, Xth and 12th Standard)

  • Score in Competitive Examinations

  • Relevant Work Experience

Further, at the end of 1st year at the college, the top 10 students of the Batch receives a scholarship with special Merit scholarships to top 3 students.

Category – I
Scholarship based on Academic Qualification
Based on 10th, 12th
+ Grad. Percentage
Based on Grad.
80% and above INR 50,000 B.E/B.Tech > =80% and above INR 20,000
70% - 79.9% INR 30,000 B.E/B.Tech 60% and above INR 10,000
60% - 69.9% INR 20,000
Category – II
Scholarship based on Competitive Exams
Score/Percentage (Any One
MAT Score CMAT Score
750 and above INR 50,000 80%tile and above INR 50,000
700-749 INR 30,000 70%tile and Above INR 30,000
600 - 699 INR 20,000 60%tile to 69%tile INR 20,000
CAT Score XAT Score
80%tile and above INR 50,000 90%tile and above INR 50,000
70%tile and above INR 30,000 70%tile -89%tile INR 30,000
60%tile - 69%tile INR 20,000 60%tile - 69%tile INR 20,000
96%tile and Above INR 50,000
86%tile - 95%tile INR 30,000
80%tile - 85%tile INR 20,000
Category – III
Scholarship based on Work Experience
24 Months and above INR 50,000 Joining and Relieving Letter from Employer.
12 Months - 23 Months INR 30,000

Conditions for Grant of Scholarship

To ensure that you continue to achieve what you have done in your past academic pursuits and achieve new goals, there are certain conditions laid for the grant of scholarship
  • The student has to maintain a minimum GPA of 7.0 (out of 10.0) for every term at FIIB.
  • The student should remain in good standing and comply with the accepted code of conduct of the Institute.
  • The Student has to maintain 80 % attendance in every course.
  • Attendance in all institutional events (Conclaves, Fests & Guest Lectures) is mandatory.

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