25th Mentoring Orientation at FIIB - Sowing Seeds of Everlasting Bonds

To induce the most crucial value 'engage better to evolve together' of getting started at any place, FIIB has organized a mentoring session for its silver jubilee batch on 29th June at Amarai Farms, Kapashera. At FIIB, mentoring orientation is a tradition that serves a meaningful purpose and makes students understand that trusted friend and savvy advisor are nothing but synonyms of faculty. With a core aim of driving rich learning and imparting new skills in a fun way, a mass of 180 mentees was evenly divided into 19 teams, each having their own mentor to learn from and coordinate with.

The session started with an enthusiastic introduction of each team which helped mentors to bond with their mentees better. The event began with ice-breaking activities and strategizing within the groups so as to have a clear plan for the activities and challenges for the day. Afterwards, all 19 teams were participated in four different fun games to decide which team has bonded the best during the session.

Each game was designed so as to encourage the students in team bonding as well as recognising the special talents and resources within the team. The tug of war challenge was the highlight for the day where students efficiently showcased what team effort and bonding look like. The team "Achievers" with a strength of 8 mentees and Dr. Nimit Gupta as mentor won the competition. Whereas, "Sly Fox" who was mentored by Prof. Arun Sangwan entitled as the first runner up.

The mentoring orientation session has served as a valuable onboarding tool and offered great support to both mentors and mentees to strengthen their bonds and understand each other better. It was indeed a great opportunity for the students to assess their career paths and under the guidance of their respective mentors and similarly, the mentors had the chance to observe the students in a closer perspective

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