A Decision Support System for Manufacturing Industry Using Linear Programming
8th January 2016

Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB) applauds and congratulates Prof.Monica Bhardwaj on the publication of her research paper entitled: A Decision Support System for Manufacturing Industry Using Linear Programming at Vidyaniketan Journal of Management and Research Vol. 3, Issue 2, pp. 100-115.

Her area of research interests lies in the field of Technology Adoption, Mobile Commerce, Online Consumer Behavior and Social Media Research and her teaching interest are in the area of Quantitative Methods, Business Analytics, Information Systems, Digital marketing, Technology and Innovation Management.

Linear Programming, a model driven decision support system (DSS), is a mathematical technique used to find solutions to problems involved in optimum allocation of scarce resources such as raw material, labor time, machine time, work space, capital and so on. This paper describes decision support system and linear programming model developed for a manufacturing firm. It explains how linear programming model can be effectively constructed to help manufacturing firms in deciding how much quantity to produce with the limited resources optimally and also how to distribute the material to market places at minimal cost. The problem is solved using simplex linear programming and Modi method through excel solver. Since most of the problems faced by manufacturing organizations are of similar nature, so technique of linear programming ensures possible solutions are generated and out of which the optimal solution can be selected.

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