Ad- Mad Activity by Brand Rovers- Marketing Club at FIIB Delhi
November 19, 2014

Brand Rovers- Marketing Club of FIIB conducted AD-MAD event at the MBA campus on 19th November 2014 to enhance the integration of classroom knowledge into application. Various concepts like POP (Point of Purchase), POD (Point of Disparity), USP (Unique Selling Point) etc. were discussed and practiced by 9 teams, each with 4 management students of the college.

The activity took place under the supervision of club mentor and judge for the activity Nimit Gupta, Associate Professor at the college.

Firstly, management students were given a list of goods and services by the college like: -
  • Shoes with fitness meter
  • 4 –D cinema halls
  • Helmets with GPRS, etc.
In the first round students were asked to make a print- ad poster for the given product or service: This round was to stimulate the learning process of students in understanding the primary associations of the brand that help the consumer to visually connect with the product brand. A brand name, logo and colour scheme was a must in this round so as to support the intension of the activity facilitated by the college.

The second round was to add a tagline to the product and decide the name of the brand. The product brand was already selected in this round and students were asked to think of creative and catchy tagline for the product.

Third round was to draft POD of the selected product to make it appealing for the consumers: This round was designed by the college faculty, to make the students aware of the “incentives” their product would offer to the consumers that other marketers have not been selling. This made students more excited about presenting their baby- brands.

In the last round the college faculty asked, management students to present their product and brand. This round was to make the students more fearless while marketing their product in the public. The MBA students were asked to enact an advertisement and represent their product. Also, the students were made aware by the college faculty, about the relevant points that need to be mentioned while presenting a product.

Overall, the activity was a success at the MBA campus with 1 winning team with names as follows:

  • Anshika Goel
  • Ravneet Singh Sachdeva
  • Karishma Arora
  • Aman Preet Singh

The First Runner- Up was Team 1 including:
  • Abhay Kumar Yadav
  • Rohit Sethi
  • Nitin Das
  • Shreya Gupta
The Second Runner- Up was Team 8 including:
  • Sakshi Sethia
  • Sanchita Agrawal
  • Navneet Kaur Oberoi
The mission of the Marketing Club of the college, is to make the club the most valuable resource for students pursuing MBA, interested in the Marketing functional area. The college faculty strives to create a vibrant, welcoming and supportive community for FIIB, students interested in marketing.
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