Being praised often makes people feel good
15th March 2016

Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB) is glad and excited to accept the appreciation letter received from Jaro Education. It's no secret that being praised often makes people feel good. Pride, pleasure and increased feelings of self-esteem are all common reactions to being paid a compliment or receiving positive feedback. This is because being praised helps us in making feel good, and contribute to innovative thinking and creative problem-solving at work.

Positive experiences that boost morale and motivation at work. Offering praise and recognition for a job well done is one of the ways in which managers can create such moments for their team members.

Recently Gurpreet Singh student of FIIB working as a Career Development Manager at Jaro education was praised by his organization for achieving all the targets set upon him. The organization has also extended a thankful appreciation letter to the Director stating how they are looking for a long term association with the institute in the coming years with respect to recruiting more number of students for their final placements.

There's little doubt that praising and recognizing the efforts and achievements of others can bring about some very positive results in the workplace. Being praised makes the recipient feel good about themselves and this can help to boost their performance. FIIB congratulates Gurpreet Singh and wishes him all the very best for his future endeavor.

FIIB- Jaro Education

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