Career Fair organised at FIIB, paving the path towards success

In a bid to provide a glimpse into the real fast-paced corporate world and fulfill its commitment to nurture future leaders through robust preparation and practice of advanced management, FIIB organises a four-day Career Fair event from September 26th to 29th that provides the budding students a valuable opportunity to experience a realistic corporate professional conduct and review their skills.

The Fair has been organised with a view to encourage students to undertake several assignments that enables them to engage in the selection process as candidates applying for desired jobs with reputed or renowned large-scale organisations and conglomerates. It further enhances their knowledge and skills through advanced business management oriented practices to progress towards higher stages successfully based upon their performance.

The fair provides an in-depth view of the entire selection procedure initiated by top corporates and organisations. The core concept of the Career Fair is to familiarize the students with the challenges and complications faced while appearing for assessment and personal interviews with the decisions makers from corporates to MNC’s.

“Our core objective is to help prepare our studious learners for the job assessment sessions conducted by various corporates and companies. The fair has been conducted with a view to extend necessary support and assist them to cope with hurdles, complications, stress, anxiety and uncertainty,” stated Smita Sharma, Head, Training and Development, FIIB.

The event aims to drive growth within the students and boost confidence and spirit to develop right attitude, problem solving abilities, management skills for their long-term career ambitions.

The fair specifically targets students pursuing various specialisations within the domain of business management such as Marketing, Organisational Behaviour, Human Resources, Finance as well as Operations & International Business.

. The event concentrates on providing a sense of real-time interview and assessment schedule. Apart from that, it helps transform fears into strength, and boost morale of the learners.

Career Fair encompasses all elements of complications, complexities and challenges involved in the selection process of the candidates for a suitable position that they wish to apply for. It provides an exception training on how to perform proactively, react logically and behave confidently.

In order to design a mock practice which is in line with the expectations of these hard-working up-and-coming leader-managers of tomorrow, the senior management at FIIB in consultation with the esteemed faculty holding expertise in their respective fields, developed the concept of the Career Fair.

The thrilled students were encouraged to partake in the brain-storming activities, which includes identifying a particular suitable work opportunity, make formal registrations, behave professionally at all times, be appropriately presentable, appear for aptitude assessment, brain-storming group discussion sessions along with personal interview sessions.

Perceiving the opportunity as an insightful training, students at FIIB attended the sessions with high energy and spirit. The concept of the career fair is designed with consistent deliberations, innovative strategies and effective action plan as per the present day scenarios witnessed in the gigantic corporate environment. The entire program has been developed with intense scrutiny of the calibre, abilities and capabilities of the students applying against different jobs as candidates.



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