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Case Based Teaching – Imparting Realistic Skills in Management Students
A Session by Dr. Vikas Anand
March 25, 2015

25th March 2015, FIIB Campus, New Delhi: Among the many initiatives for Case writing and Case Teaching, the college held an on-campus session for its Faculty members on ‘Case Based Teaching.’ The session was conducted by Dr. Vikas Anand of Sam M. Walton College of Business, Arkansas, USA. The crucial outcomes of Case Based Teaching were highlighted by Dr. Anand. Referring to this teaching methodology, he said, “it is a popular and an effective tool to develop the analytical and perspective building skills of the management students. It also brings about a ‘par learning’ experience in a heterogeneous class of experienced professionals and novice management students.”

To achieve the best learning results from a Case Study it is essential that both, the PGDM students and the teaching faculty are well prepared. He shared his experiences of creating an optimistic study and learning environment and motivating the management grads to pre-read and prepare for the Case discussion sessions. He highlighted the importance of feedback to every PGDM student and said, “Giving a detailed and personalized feedback to students after their case analysis always encourages them to perform better the next time.” Speaking on the teacher’s role, Dr. Anand said, “The teacher’s research on the Case Study and the concept is critical to carry out rich discussions. To facilitate student thinking, it is a good idea to brief them on the line of expectations and allow them to work in groups to identify alternative and best solutions to the problem identified in the case study.”

Dr. Anand reiterated that this popular pedagogical tool is successful, especially in the best colleges in the US, for imbibing critical thinking skills in the managers. Apart from encouraging PGDM students to build managerial level thinking, he said that it is essential for the institutions to provide a holistic learning experience to the college students by helping them in envisaging the probable outcomes of a situation/problem at hand and developing innovative solutions for it.

The faculty members who participated in this session appreciated the international context in which Case Based Teaching is delivered. A simple and a great academic interaction, the session concluded with Dr. Deepankar Chakrabarti, Dean-FIIB, thanking Dr. Vikas Anand for his willingness to share his rich and varied experience with the college faculty.

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Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB) stimulates and supports innovative and coherent practices in building a Sustainable Education for its PGDM graduates. Also, the college is committed to deliver excellence and prepare its graduates to become agents of change in the society by embracing unique initiatives for their holistic development. FCRC (FIIB's Case Research Centre), is one such initiative that aims in excellence in management education and research. The Centre encourages and works on Case Based Teaching for its college students to capture the realistic scenarios of the corporate issues and conditions. FCRC works towards building case teaching as well as case writing in business management related areas with the objective of enhancing the teaching-learning experience through case studies.
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