Exploring tech trends that affect HR - National HR conclave 2018

Staged annually National HR Conclave at Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB) is a completely student driven event. National HR Conclave 2018 was hosted on 1st September 2018 under the guidance of Professor Vidya Iyer, HR Chair Head-FIIB and Professor Sangeeta Chopra, HR Faculty-FIIB. Technology dynamism and disruption was kept in mind while choosing the theme for the National HR Conclave 2018.The event aimed to bridge the gap between the corporate and academic perspectives by providing a common platform to exchange knowledge and insights. The purpose of this conclave was to provide a platform where HR professionals come and share their experiences and knowledge with the students.

Key Highlights:

  • Inaugural Speech from Dr. Anil Kumar Sinha, Director, FIIB
  • Address by Keynote Speaker, Mr Amit Malik, Chief PEople, Operations and customer services officer, Aviva Life Insurance.
  • Students presentation on the theme ‘Tech Trends in HR-Opportunities and Threats’/li>
  • Book Launch of ‘Between U & Me’ by Ms Aparna Sharma, Independent Director, TS Alloys Ltd.
  • Panel discussion with Ms Vandana Ahuja, Mr Naveen Manshani, Mr Krishna Bedi, Mr Havish Madahvapaty and Mr Ankit Verma.
  • Address from plenary speaker Mr. A K Gupta, GEneral Managers IT Services, IFFCO
  • Closing address from Dr Vidya Iyer and Dr Sangeeta Chopra, Faculty, FIIB


The speakers at the conclave stressed on how managers and organizations need to proactively integrate technology rather than react to the influence of technology in our lives. organizations should influence employee experience and customer experience by looping in technological platforms and gadgets. Public and Private sector organizations alike are increasingly using technology for business growth through creating superior employee productivity. The Keynote speaker, Mr. Amit Malik, Chief People Officer, Aviva Life Insurance stressed how technology has advanced through the recent years. He said that the threat from increasing technological influence is far lesser from the opportunities presented by a technology.

"Technology is the efficient key to unlock anything when used.(AI,VR) Imerging technology in HR AI-mya,hireabby Blockchain technology—LinkedIn,restless bandit." Reckoned Mr Amit Malik, our keynote Speaker. Mr. A K Gupta of IIFCO emphasised that he has seen the evolution of technology from basic computing to cloud computing and observed that efficiency of work has continuously increased.

Students of FIIB presented a student perspective of the theme. Another attraction of the event was the book release of “Between U & Me”, authored by Ms. Aparna Sharma.

The event concluded with a Panel discussion by experts from multiple organization. The panel threw light on academic, outsourcing, analytics and human dimensions of the theme. The panelists were - Krishna Bedi, Naveen Manshani, Ankit Verma, Dr. Vandana Ahuja and Mr. Havish Madhvapathy.

National HR Conclave 2018 was supported by National Institute of Personnel Management and sponsored by Vestige, Study Worldwide Udaan, DIVI, Unison, Partham Minerals.

HR Conclave, one of the signature events at FIIB concluded with great success. Enlightening the institute on the pros and cons of rising tech trends in HR, a versatile panel of subject experts shaped the conclave into an interesting comprehension.
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