Workshop on Research Methods Using Panel Data Advance Econometric Program to Enhance your Empirical Research Competencies.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researcher and doctoral students who want to employ econometric models in their research. It aims to provide a platform for discussing various topics of econometrics and their application. This workshop would provide hands-on experience for in-depth understanding of panel data technique and its application to economics and finance. The participants will get a good training through software packages like E-views. This workshop will be conducted in a highly interactive manner, with greater emphasis on giving participants hands-on experience in handling, analyzing and interpreting datasets for modeling and forecasting.

The workshop is designed for faculty members teaching undergraduate and post graduate classes across various discipline , research scholars / doctoral candidates/ fellow industry, on the successful completion of program each participants shall receive a Certificate of Participation from Fortune Institute of International Business, New Delhi
Agenda for FDP: Day 1:

  • Introduction to econometrics
  • Two variable and Multivariate regression using OLS and Checking OLS Assumptions
  • Use of Dummy variables
  • Stationarity and Hands on E-Views

  • Introduction to panel data analysis; Different Formats of panel data; Basic Assumptions
  • Fixed Effect Models; Testing for Homogeneity; Assessing the model fit;
  • Testing various Assumptions of FEM; Limitation of FEM
  • Hands on Exercises
  • Discussion of Research Papers with panel based applications

  • Random Effects Model
  • Hausman Test; Assessing the Model Fit
  • Testing Various Assumptions of REM; Limitations of REM
  • Mixed Models
  • Dynamic Panel Data
  • Various Assumptions of Panel Data Analysis
  • Hands-on Exercise; Certain Advance in Panel Data Analysis
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