FIIB’s 4th International Management Conference To Be Held On 19th & 20th December 2018.

FIIB’s 4th International Management Conference brings forth ‘Advances in Management through Research, Innovation & Technology’ (AMRIT) – the theme of this year’s deliberations. Acronym ‘AMRIT’ evokes feelings of peace, harmony, higher order enlightenment, a state of bliss – all that we hope to achieve from scholarly input, intellectual enquiry, in a community of researchers, practitioners, industry experts and thought leaders. FIIB’s International Management Conference (IMC) is its signature event, a legacy we are proud of. The last three conferences have been on ‘Business and Economy: Growth, Governance and Globalisation(3G)’, ‘Innovation and Sustainable Development in Global Economy’ and ‘Inclusive Growth, Good Governance, Globalisation and Green Future (4G)’. This conference will be another promising milestone in our journey of Research Excellence.

The infinite amount of thought generated by ongoing research has become the new currency in business practice. The ongoing mainstreaming of research in ‘Management practice’ has radically changed the nature and structure of products & services, spawned novel value creation, and produced a new breed of Innovation culture, catering to the universal ideal of ‘Sustainable Growth’, that is supremely pervasive and eminent in nature, quality and impact. One of the major areas of emphasis in recent years has been interdisciplinary research, a trend that promises new insights and innovations rooted in cross disciplinary collaboration.

In today’s connected world all stand to gain from continuing research, fostering industrial practice, global outreach, and inclusive growth. The socio-technical context for learning and education is making concerted demands on scholarship, for answers that matter to Business organizations, Practitioners, Government Policymakers, Academicians and Society at large. This conference is an endeavor to bring together diverse themes, to contribute to both theory and practice, and to better understand the interaction of Innovation, Research and Technology with Economy and Society.

Conference Objectives

  • To bring together Researchers, Practitioners, Policy Makers and Interested Stakeholders to discuss advances in Management Theory and Practice, Interdisciplinary Research, Technology supported Innovation and to spark crucial insights in Management
  • To offer a platform to network with Subject Experts, Scholars, Academicians, Industry Captains and Students, fostering collaboration and meaningful association at an individual and institution level.

Please visit the website to know the more details and register:

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