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FIIB 3rd Operational Conclave (OPEX 2015) on “Operational Excellence -Strategy for Sustainable Businesses”
October 17th, 2015

Operational Excellence is the need of the hour across the business sectors. Achieving this operational excellence involves introducing first class processes that meet or exceed market requirements and ensuring Supply Chain, Operations, Logistics and Services operational performance compares favorably with external best practices.

With this note FIIB organized 3rd Operational Conclave (OPEX 2015) on “Operational Excellence -Strategy for Sustainable Businesses” at Fortune Institute of International Business, New Delhi on October 17, 2015 to bring together diversified industry perspective on the theme and to understand the sustainable operational initiatives that companies are undertaking to keep abreast of competition. The conclave commenced on an exciting note and welcome address by Director, FIIB, Dr. AK Sinha. FIIB students, Mr. Rohit Ghosh and Ms. Megha Chawla introduced the theme of the conclave through a power packed and well synchronized presentation loaded with data, ideas and insights.

Plenary Address by Mr. Rishi Diwan, Country Head, General Manager - (India and Vietnam), Rieke Packaging Systems and keynote address by Mr. Man Singh Jaswal, Director & Chief Executive Officer, GenEx Logistics India

The conclave proceeded with the Plenary Address in the morning delivered by Mr. Rishi Diwan, Country Head, General Manager - (India and Vietnam), Rieke Packaging Systems. Mr. Rishi Diwan began his address with a thought that tough situations should be turned into opportunities for doing things of substance. He expressed his views on how Sustainability can be maintained by breaking through the barriers using the following three steps: By overcoming human and information barriers and by changing the business space from a market to community mindset; Small m vs BIG M and; ‘How to mobilize organization’. He raised a very thought-provoking question to the audience - How many 500 km stretches do we have in India? He finally ended on the note that Sustainability is definitely possible for any business, we just need to identify the relevant barriers and break through them.

The Keynote Address of the Conclave was delivered by Mr. Man Singh Jaswal, Director & Chief Executive Officer, GenEx Logistics India. Mr. Singh said that excellence as the state of being exceptionally good and sustainability as the capacity to endure. Sustainability is important as change is happening all around us and its relevance would vary from company to company. The focus is on the 3 Ps – People, profit and planet. But, it is up to the firm to decide on the particular P it wants to concentrate on. He brings forth his views that excellence in the processes shouldn’t be the only goal for businesses but promoting the social aspects of sustainability is equally important. Sustainability is not just fulfilling the compliances or using suppression to earn profit at the cost of society. Rather, a business must concentrate not only on the Organizational aspects but also on the Social and Environmental aspects of sustainability.

The conclave agenda included two Panel Discussions on “Operations: Breaking Barriers” and “Logistics and International Trade”. The conclave saw speakers from renowned companies such as Walmart, The Nielsen Company, G-TRANS Logistics India Pvt. Ltd., Praxis Quest Solutions, DACHSER India Private Limited, and Capital Ventures Private Limited.

In Panel Discussions-1 on “Operations: Breaking Barriers”, Mr. Ajit Jain-General Manager, Walmart shared his perspective on the demand spikes that put pressure on the planning & logistics. Supply Chain efficiencies can be driven better through the concept of EDLP (Every day low Price). Customers are going to be faithful to you because every time you buy, prices are going to be consistent. So it is important to have a model of supply chain which is sustainable from all respects to fullfill the customer demand. Panel Discussion 1 - Operations  Breaking Barriers, Panel Discussion 1 - Operations Breaking Barriers
It is important to have a model of supply chain which is sustainable from all respects to fulfil the customer demand at the right price.- Mr. Ajit Jain-General Manager,Walmart

Mr. Kunal Gupta-Associate director , Nielson then talked about how Operations and Supply chain is the bridge between expectations and experience and Nielson believes in the philosophy “Strategy is execution” .He said that the real competitors of Flipkart are not snapdeal and other e-tailers but in fact the brick-and-mortar or CPG stores ,which are around 9 million in India.

Operations play a crucial role in delivering the right materials at the right time to consumers and making it cost-effective for businesses. - Mr.Kunal Gupta-Associate director , Nielson

Mr. Sudhakar Aggarwal ,VP,G-Trans Logistics also echoed upon the fact that the biggest challenge in logistics sector is delivery of products in time and how their company G-Trans Logistics was helping in the last mile delivery.

The challenges faced by these e-commerce companies do not remains same this year as they were better prepared. - Mr. Sudhakar Aggarwal, VP, G-Trans Logistics

Commander (Retd.) Mr. Yashwant Prakash, Promoter and Chief Facilitator, Praxis Quest Solutions talked about the challenges faced by aviation field. He elaborated four areas under operations management in the Navy which are: Maritime security, Power Projection, Technology Demonstrator and Diplomacy. Mr Prakash explained how to manage critical operations with the strategies like Continuous Training Evaluation; Behavioural aspects like Courage, Commitment, Stress management; Invalid Conceptual Conclusion; Multilevel Analysis; and Human Resource.

In Panel Discussions-2 on “Logistics and International Trade”, the discussion revolved around Logistics aspects of the operations and how logistics plays a vital role in operations.

Mr Satish Lakkaraju, Head of Sales Air & Sea Logistics India, DACHSER India Private Limited talked about the Airline industry mainly the air freight industry. The air freight industry is just taking shape in India and is a very successful prospect.
Panel Discussion 2 - Logistics and International Trade,
Panel Discussion 2 - Logistics and International Trade
Mr. Nitin Jain, Head of International Business, Capital Ventures Private Limited shares his views about future of Logistics in international trade and how India exports to all continents in the world. Mr. Jain said that Logistics is the back bone of any business related to export or import or domestic market.

Mr. Rajesh M Mudaliar, Founder & CEO at LOCO - Logistics Connexion talked about GST 2016. He shared his opinion by saying that International Logistics cover approx. 500 kilometers in a day and in India it is approx. 200 - 250 kilometers. This is mainly due to underutilized resources, and when the resources are underutilized the logistics cost rises. The GST 2016 is standardization of taxes as the GST 2016 will help logistics by eliminating toll tax, there will be no stopping at borders he further added that there would be dedicated freight corridors; everything would be centralized so there would be better coverage on the road.

After the Panel discussions ended, the icing on the cake was the Internship based competition where students from various colleges participated. PowerPoint presentations were made on the companies like SSN Logistics, AGRO products, HUL, Moser Baer and Arvind Brands (Arrow, Lee and US Polo). Ms. Anamika Pandey of FIIB was declared as the first -runner up and Mr. Vishnu Maheshwari was the winner of the competition.

The competition ended on a jovial note and vote of thanks by Prof. Partha Saikia, Assistant Professor (International Business), FIIB.

The conclave proved high on knowledge and information for all participants and it was an insightful conclave for the students pursuing management programmes.

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