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FIIB-Walton College Acculturation Program Day 3 – Amazing Race
May 17th, 2015

FIIB Campus, New Delhi: FIIB-Walton College Acculturation Program witnessed a day full of eagerness and dynamism on the third day! The teams had to run the Amazing Race to compete with one-another and bag rewards, certifications and lots of winning tags. Teams were given a list of places to visit on their own following a set of rules and instructions.

The participating teams collected evidences of the activities/tasks assigned to them. A lot of excitement was seen and felt among the FIIB-ians and Walton College students to go out on the expedition. The previous 2-day sessions reflected great bonding across cultures (between FIIB and Sam Walton) resulting in profitable results in terms of learning and international exposure. All the teams happily interacted with each other and strong level of understanding was highly evident from the confidence they exhibited in each other as teammates.

Teams had tremendous learning opportunities during this activity, from making decisions under pressure to planning strategies over breaks with the teammates. Great planning and execution was demonstrated by all the teams and this resulted in phenomenal victory of the college students. The winner of the Amazing Race won a cash prize of Rs.5000 and certificates.

The expedition experiences will soon become the talk-of-the-town in the college campuses of FIIB and Walton College when students will share this unique experience with their peers and friends.

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